1. MIG

    Somebody should jump on this... New OEM Triumph A9758115 Pannier Guard Rail Hardware Kit NOS

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/275068942851? -MIG
  2. Draining old fuel from injector rail?

    I got a new fuel pump, pumped the stale gas out of the fuel filter, and all is well except my Rocket won't start (2005 sitting fifteen years). I'm still hoping it isn't clogged injectors, and wondering if there's a way to bleed the crappy gas downstream of the gas tank without pulling the...
  3. Budski

    Front fender rail kit

    Well after 7 months of shopping the world I finally came up with all the parts to add the front fender rail kit with the chrome 3 piece fender trim. Thanks to all that helped from Wyoming, Australia, South Carolina and Michigan.
  4. Budski

    Want to Buy Front Fender Tips for my R3T

    I spend this summer tracking down parts for the Front Rail Kit and Front Fender tips. I now only need the A9700231 (Left Front Fender Tip) & A9700233 (Center Front Fender Tip). If you have been trying to collect all the parts like I am and are coming up short and just want to sell them now...
  5. GDoggy

    triumph rocket 3 touring rear fender rail kit A9758114

    I have been looking for a rear fender rail for some time. Does anyone have a new or old one they will part with cheers Garth
  6. Budski

    Want to Buy Looking for the rare allusive A9758113 Front Fender Rail Kit

    Hello, I'm looking for the rare and allusive Front Fender Rail Kit for my 2011 Rocket III Touring. I am also willing to pay a finders fee if you have any leads. Thank you, Dave
  7. Joesmoe

    Front fender rail plus embellishment

    My daughter installed this - thanks to @Ishrub for locating it !
  8. dave64

    Peg rails

    Can anyone tell me if peg rails from a classic or std will fit on my Roadster? I need to do something or I will have to sell and buy another bike , getting bad cramps in my hips now. Thanks Dave
  9. instant

    For Sale Triumph Pannier Dresser Rail Kit NEW

    If somebody is looking for it check Triumph Pannier Dresser Rail Kit I guess this kit is pretty rarely seen for sale. This is NOS for like 17$..
  10. pomeroy

    For Sale Touring fender rail

    Just spotted this on ebay, a tad pricey but hard to find, might be able to make a bid. Genuine Triumph Rocket 3 Front Fender Rail A9758113 | eBay
  11. GDoggy

    Triumph Rocket 3 rear Fender Rail A9758114

    Hi folks, new to the forum and new to the Rocket after the last 6 years on a storm. Loved it to death but are loving the R3T just as much. I have been on a world wide hunt for all the original accessories and have just about got everything except the rear Fender Rail A9758114. I know this is a...
  12. Ishrub

    For Sale Definitely not mine! Touring Pannier rail kit.

    Genuine Triumph Rocket 3 Front Fender Rail A9758113 Starting bid: AU $650.00 Price: AU $850.00 Buy It Now Postage: FREE eBay Postage | ;):D:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll: I thought @Mittzy was lucky to get Au$450 a few months ago and later was happy when I sold...
  13. buddazero

    Hello from NYC!

    I just got the Bike I've always wanted, a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018. I'm really grateful to have this ride, and enjoy it at the same time. I'm based in New York city, people here have never seen a bike like mine, haha! They always go-"that ain't a Harley, cause that looks definitely better...