1. Paul Jacobs

    Escaped rear foot peg.

    Hi all, I had the right rear foot peg escape a couple of week ago. I'm looking for peg and the bracket. if you have one sitting around in Australia happy to pay. Rocket 3 Roadster 2011. If you know of one in a scrap yard please let me know. Thanks
  2. buddazero

    Rear Footpeg extenders

    Hello, Are there any rear footpeg extenders for the Rocket 3 Roadster 2018? I tired buying a set and adapters and they ended up being the wrong size. I have a saddle bags and the bags cover up the rear pegs right at the tip. So I need to bring them forwards a few inches.
  3. Foot peg adjustment

    Has anyone adjusted their foot pegs up/down on the 'R'? Couldn't find anything on it in the owners manual - is it an easy job?
  4. AwesomeDad

    Peg relocation

    Has anyone moved the GT pegs to the mid position and installed just pegs in the forward position? I think this would be as close to highway pegs as we can get for the interim... JJ
  5. RickyT

    Highway peg woes

    Hey Gang, I have a 2009 Rocket 3 touring I picked up in December. I was readjusting the highway pegs yesterday and couldn't get them even, one leg was bent more than the other when resting my feet on them. No matter the angle or adjustment I made. Then I discovered the right side highway bar...
  6. Joesmoe

    You've put off this long: Triumph highway peg mounts and pegs still available

    For what are you waiting ? All due credit to @Ishrub - US eBay bargain 1 1/4" Triumph factory Adj. h'way peg mounts These mounts are being sold by the Triumph Dealer in White Plains, New York. And the matching pegs, both ChromeLine and Logo are still available. Hermy's is selling the...
  7. Rocket_Rider

    Made a shifter peg!

    Made a custom shifter peg from aircraft aluminium and anodised it ..... much better length than the factory one... uses factory bolt so I can convert it back to factory if desired in future... whole thing took about an Hour the lathe and an hour to anodise
  8. Ishrub

    For Sale Roadster Chromeline foot peg and brake lever Xmas bling

    I have some Chromeline foot peg and brake lever Xmas bling for your Roadster or even your R3 Standard. Triumph factory items identical in every way except rubber insert to the factory Roadster foot pegs with 'feelers' but with extra bling!;):D The stock Roadster ones are polished alloy these...
  9. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale AVAILABLE NOW *** Control/Foot Peg Rails L&R w/ Pegs

    AVAILABLE 6/21/21. These are from a 2005 Standard. Left and Right Foot Control Rails with Foot Pegs. $225 Shipped Domestically. Make Offer. I will sell separately $120 each shipped domestically. If you don't need the pegs or shield I can lower the price accordingly.
  10. Pete

    Peg feeler upgrade

    like everyone else I try to make little changes to customise the bike. I’ve upgraded front and rear suspension with great results for handling but now I’m chaffing foot pegs worse than ever. The original problem was the speed that the peg feelers wore through. My latest mod is to press fit...
  11. Journeyman

    **SOLD** Triumph adjustable peg mounts + Triumph foot pegs (Maggie Valley ?)

    Triumph adjustable peg mounts + Triumph foot pegs in excellent condition, except the clamps are starting to flake a little near the bolt hole, but the rest is 9 out of 10. I'll be in Maggie Valley Friday and Saturday. If anyone is interested in them let me know and I'll bring them along. $120...
  12. Ishrub


    Fixed Highway Peg Mounts from Triumph Accessories TRIUMPH ACCESSORIES FIXED HIGHWAY PEG MOUNTS. Fixed Highway Peg Mounts product # A9750463 $30.00
  13. dave64

    Peg rails

    Can anyone tell me if peg rails from a classic or std will fit on my Roadster? I need to do something or I will have to sell and buy another bike , getting bad cramps in my hips now. Thanks Dave
  14. Landstar

    Replacing toe peg on shifter

    Anybody replaced the toe shifter peg on a Roadster , and if so, what with, seems like the rubber on the stock one marks my boots. And I do not want to go Harley, and trade my brown boots for black. I will not wear the biker club uniform:x3: I am a Motorcyclist not a Biker:thumbsup:Thanks up...
  15. Landstar

    Highway Peg fitment

    I remember a discussion and a member on here I do believe had these on his bike I am not sure if these are the correct ones. But you can get them in Black which is a plus, does anybody know if these will fit, or has see them on a member's bike. Thanks for any and all information on these. Ergo...
  16. RockOn

    Passenger peg relocation

    Hey, Need help understanding the how, what, where of the only Rocket III passenger peg relocation kit I can find on the Web. This is just one of the many sites selling this kit, I think it is Rivco brand, have looked at their installation instructions but they make no sense to me since it...
  17. cdlamph

    SOLD!!! Want to trade '06 Classic floorboard setup for peg setup

    Hello all, I'm looking to swap out my floorboards on my '06 Classic for pegs and was curious if anyone out in R3 world has a peg setup they are willing to trade?!
  18. Corboy

    Want to Buy Left rear passenger foot peg assembly R3R.

    Looking for left rear passenger foot peg assembly for 2012 R3R. Cheers!
  19. Akbusa1

    For Sale Rivco rear passenger peg extensions

    For sale rear passenger board extensions, nerved installed and I don't have the bike anymore. Bought for 2015 Rocket Roadster. Price is $45.00 plus shipping. Let me know If interested file:///Users/Carey/Desktop/Preview%20attachment%2020171119_121335.jpg20171119_121335.jpg3.9%Preview attachment...
  20. cdlamph

    Was wondering if anyone still does the floorboard to peg conversion

    I was just curious as I haven't seen any recent posts about this. I have an '06 Classic with floorboards that would love to trade out with pegs.