1. AwesomeDad

    Peg relocation

    Has anyone moved the GT pegs to the mid position and installed just pegs in the forward position? I think this would be as close to highway pegs as we can get for the interim... JJ
  2. Bigwalleye

    Gauge relocation

    Who has relocated their gauges? I like the idea of moving down by the bear claw. Are all the custom relocation brackets custom made?
  3. barbagris

    Rear Footrest relocation.

    Mrs B has requested repositioned footrests. I already have some arms (like the RIVCO - but made in Steel by and ex forum member). But the footrests sit too high and tbh need to be further forward still. V4A.EU did make some very innovative plates - but he stopped making those a good decade...
  4. RockOn

    Passenger peg relocation

    Hey, Need help understanding the how, what, where of the only Rocket III passenger peg relocation kit I can find on the Web. This is just one of the many sites selling this kit, I think it is Rivco brand, have looked at their installation instructions but they make no sense to me since it...

    Battery relocation

    Long story short, I wanna give the bike a solid foundation line from tank through the seat. (Think cafe racer) I’m looking into the idea of relocating the battery and removing the air box then using that area under the seat for a fuel tank. Overfill the tank past the sub frame to raise the seat...
  6. Stanley R Gray

    Mirror relocation.

    I have recently bought an 09 Rocket 3. I love the bike except for 1 small detail. I dislike the offset mirrors. I have no idea why any bike designer would think it is a good idea to place the mirrors in such a goofy way. The placement does not interfere with visibility, but I guess it's just...
  7. Mittzy

    EMP Number Plate relocation brackets for sale.

    G'Day, I bought 3 of these brackets from the US and only need one - Sooooo I have two more on offer for the price I paid for them. Price is $85 + Shipping Obviously this is offered to Aussie Members only due to shipping... Only 2 Available. Inludes sticker and stubby holder.

    Ignition switch relocate A la Mittzy

    Took Mittzy up on his offer to make a switch extender harness for me so I could relocate mine to the lower left plastic panel (in front of the left side cover) like he did. I have to say that I really didn't like the stock location of that switch and Mittzy having already perfected the harness...