1. Micksan

    Heel & Toe Shifter

    I am looking for a heel & toe shifter to work on my 2023 R3 CT. There seem to be whispers about some being around. They all seem to be for the older version R111. Does anyone know if the older version would work on the new bikes? Thanks Russ
  2. Jay

    Is This Normal - Bent Shifter Rod on New R3GT

    Went to adjust the peg position this afternoon on my new rocket and found the shift linkage bent. Not sure if this is normal, a weakness, or a fluke. I don’t see any other damage that could have caused this such as high centering on a bump or otherwise. Any others have their linkages bent...
  3. Journeyman

    Shifter Adjustment

    An extra step may be required to get the shifter adjusted to your liking. I changed boots and after three attempts (each time thinking I must have gone the wrong way somehow) I finally took the lever off the gear shaft itself and rotated it. Otherewise, I was unable to get the lever above foot...
  4. j.hanshaw

    Heel-toe Shifter for 2014

    Hi all. I’ve searched through the forums and found many of you do not like heel shifters on your Rockets. I’d love to get my hands on a kit to convert my shifter to heel-toe, but the Rivco is unavailable and I’m having no luck elsewhere. How different is the Cruiser’s vs. the Roadster‘s shift...
  5. Azisbest

    No more speed shifter!!

    Well I went ahead and sent my ECU up to DNK for reprogramming and it does have more oomph! But for some reason when I enable the speed shifter I get an alert saying the transmission has an issue and the speed shifter still wont enable. As long as I dont try to enable the speed shifter...
  6. Ktu56

    TuneECU and shifter

    I have had the dealer to install the quick shifter on my 2020 R3 GT and now I'm considering remapping. Can the remapping affect the shifter operation?
  7. Gateway77

    Re-setting Quick Shifter - Tip

    Hi After disconnecting the battery to fit some Optimizer cables - I noticed that the quick shifter was no longer working. After talking to the local tech guys they gave me the following instructions 1. Turn on Bike 2. Go to Home Menu > Bike Setting 3. Enable TSA 4. Turn off bike. 5. Turn on...
  8. kevin S

    How to adjust the Triumph Shift Assist (TSA) on Rocket 3?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the TSA? its seems that the shifter is hard to engage and requires me to force it whether ****ing up or down. Also it does not shift all the time it requires me to use the clutch! the gear shifter is too tight even when I use the clutch. Yes I can take it to the...
  9. johnreeder

    Broken shifter

    Looking for a shifter lever for 2008 or newer Tourer. Mine broke in two.
  10. Rocket_Rider

    Made a shifter peg!

    Made a custom shifter peg from aircraft aluminium and anodised it ..... much better length than the factory one... uses factory bolt so I can convert it back to factory if desired in future... whole thing took about an Hour the lathe and an hour to anodise
  11. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Gear Shift Selector Pedal

    Fore sale Shift arm. Excellent condition, not bent, rubber is good too. $45 Shipped Domestically. Still Available 11/8/20.
  12. Rocketeer_3

    2017 Rocket Roadster Shifting issues

    My 2017 pops out of second gear into neutral as stress is lowered from hard acceleration, so, more at the end of second gear. Reported to dealer who seems to think it is something I am doing as they cannot reproduce the issue. New issue, trans will not shift below second gear. 3rd, 4th, 5th...
  13. 9Ball

    For Sale T2081535 Shifter pedal-new in package

    I bought this T2081535 gear shifter pedal as a spare to have powder coated to match all the other powder coated parts on my bike. Here’s a picture of the bike with the current satin black powder coated heel-toe shifter. DSCF0849 by 9Ball posted Aug 4, 2010 at 5:38 AM I upgraded my peg mounts...
  14. Kevin McDonald

    Play in shifter

    Hello. I've got about 1" of play in my shifter when shifting up. Is that normal?
  15. CrzystghndKC

    Anybody had this happen.

    Got up this morning to my 05 R3 to work. Noticed the bike seemed to hesitate the backwards roll I have to do to get down my driveway to get to the street. Bike shifted it usual clunky shifts to work. When I went to park could not get the bike to shift to neutral. Shut the bike off, pop right...
  16. TriumphR3Newb

    Want to Buy Heel and toe shifter

    Looking to buy a heel and toe shifter that will fit my 2007 classic. Thanks.
  17. Landstar

    Replacing toe peg on shifter

    Anybody replaced the toe shifter peg on a Roadster , and if so, what with, seems like the rubber on the stock one marks my boots. And I do not want to go Harley, and trade my brown boots for black. I will not wear the biker club uniform:x3: I am a Motorcyclist not a Biker:thumbsup:Thanks up...
  18. DQDude

    Floppy Shifter, Not Good

    2006 Classic, stuck in traffic, stop and go, green light, go to up shift and nothing, had to look down to make sure I'v got my heel on the shifter and yep, sure do. Toe part is standing almost straight up. I pull into a gas station and yep...shifter goes up and down like its not connected to...