For Sale T2081535 Shifter pedal-new in package

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    I bought this T2081535 gear shifter pedal as a spare to have powder coated to match all the other powder coated parts on my bike. Here’s a picture of the bike with the current satin black powder coated heel-toe shifter.

    I upgraded my peg mounts and foot pedals from the R3 Standard to the Classic floorboards. Classic floorboards came with a large brake pedal pad and a heel-toe shifter. At the time I had never ridden a bike with a heel-toe shifter and my size 15 boots didn’t seem to fit well on the shifter pegs and floorboards with this setup.

    BikeBandit says this pedal fits the following:

    2006-2010 Rocket III
    2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2016 Rocket III Roadster

    Please confirm that this will fit your application before committing to purchase.

    I’ve since decided that you can teach an old dog new habits and am becoming accustomed to the setup.

    Selling this part for someone that might want the single shifter peg or want to get this one powder coated.

    Current price on BikeBandit is $68.75 plus shipping.

    Triumph T2081535 - Best Price on Triumph GEARCHANGE PEDAL ASSEMBLY Parts at

    Selling this one for $45 shipped USPS priority. Cash for local sale or USPS money order for payment.

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