1. chris haentjens

    Triumph shift kit for 2.5L

    Does anyone have the triumph quick shifter installed?? My bikes getting it's first service next week and I'm wondering if it's worth the 500 price tag installing it while it's there. Thanks for any feedback
  2. vindex1963

    Clutch shaft oil leak

    Castrol Power 1 5w-40 Mobil 1 M1-110 oil filter. When I shift at 3000-4500 rpm it will stay dry but if I run the motor up to 6000-6500 rpm I get this, oil coming out of the shifter shaft. Bad seal? To much pressure building up? 4000 miles on the oil change and it didn't do this before.
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale Gear Shift Selector Pedal

    Fore sale Shift arm. Excellent condition, not bent, rubber is good too. $45 Shipped Domestically. Still Available 7/4/20.
  4. Yang Yang

    Won't shift down from 3rd

    Hi all, I'm excited to join this community. Unfortunately I ran into a a issue that has me stumped. I stated the bike after a period of storage and it was shifting fine, the once I shifted through the gears the transmission is stuck on the upper gears. It will shift from 3 to 5th but won't go...
  5. Starmanut

    Shift Link Dress Up

    This ugly thing has been bugging me since I got it. Looks like it has been painted at one time. While messing in my garage I got an idea.. 1/4" Drip Tubing I use in my sprinkler system. And Voila!! A 3/8" piece would work better. Might keep an eye out for a bit of that in my Ace...
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Want to change shift lever

    I have a 2006 Rocket Standard. When racing at the drag strip shifting is not good. I want to eliminate the Johnson Rod set-up and replace it with a direct to the shift shaft lever. Have any of you guys done so ? What did you use ? Pictures ?
  7. cootertwo

    Weird shift problem video

    Hi all, well, I must be feeling better, as I went out today, and pulled the front cover off my 05 Rocket. Besides a juddering clutch, which I think is from me leaving out the judder spring on my Barnett install, I've had this weird shift thing going on, for quite a long while. Kinda hard to...
  8. Jeremy

    Shift linkage piece.

    What is this piece on the shift linkage? It seems like foam, but maybe its rotted rubber? Where can one get these and do they need to be there?
  9. leatal

    Another option for shift light

    Looking for a shift light and came across the Speedhut's SST-MAX-OBDII. Says it plugs directly into the OBD connector so basically plug and play. E-mailed the folks at Speedhut to check capability with our Rocket and of course their reply was "?????, you'll need to find out if your vehicle uses...
  10. fastfun

    How installing Raptor shift light

    As it's not possible ( saying Raptor) to connect its shiftlight leads to high performance coils ( I installed Whites) I have to connect 1 lead to the output speedsignal from the ECU and another one connecting to the tach output lead. But here the issue comes in : which leads are the output ones...
  11. buddazero

    Won't shift down to 1st when rolling.

    Hello, I have the Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018, just broke it in and got it's first service last week with 650 + miles. Recently, when I try to shift all the way down to first when coming to a red light, rolling about 30mph, the gear will stop at Neutral, with the clutch pulled in. When I...
  12. Enduroxt

    Loud shifts normal?

    Thanks in advance for all your help and advice. I just bought a 2011 Rocket III touring and find the shifting loud but solid. Is that a normal thing or should I be concerned?
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