1. Ricci

    Larger pillion seat.

    Hello All, Does anyone know of a larger Triumph pillion seat ? I have a Rocket 3 GT so it has the larger comfier seat than the “R” model but I think they do a “3rd” seat that’s larger than the standard GT seat. Has anyone bought one or seen one. Wife is happy enough with pillion seat...
  2. Ruddy

    R3 GT Pillion Seat

    Just purchased my GT, however my pillion is not impressed with her seat. Went into local dealer today and the comfort pillion seat is only compatible with sport seat on the R. Has anyone found another larger more comfortable pillion seat. I have been in contact with Corbin but that is going to...
  3. 2020 Rocket 3 R Sports Rider and Pillion Seats for sale

    As new, only used to ride bike home from the Dealer's £295 including UK postage
  4. Hoppa

    Pillion Boards for my X

    After advice on pillion boards for my Rocket X. Want to relocate forward and down if possible. TIA
  5. Ishrub

    For Sale Snap it up guys in the US . Touring solo and pillion with riders and pillions backrests

    Snap it up guys in the US . Touring solo and pillion with riders and pillions backrests Amazing US$175 + postage Facebook Rocket 3 Parts for sale LEEANN FOWLER of Pottersville Missouri
  6. For Sale Rider and Pillion Seat

    Triumph Rocket 3 original front seat and pillion seat. Never been used, replaced with after-market seat when bike was brand new.They come off a 2009 bike. They retail at £245 each, I'm asking £200 for the pair. Part no''s are; T2301820 front and T2301821 rear. Due to size collection only please...
  7. Ishrub

    Terrible marketing but could be useful - BUTT BUDDY pillion pad

    The Original Butt Buddy Seat Wide Detachable Passenger Portable Triumph Price: US $132.12 +$34.10 shipping The Original ButtyBuddy Seat Wide Detachable Passenger Portable Triumph | eBay It gets worse a SUCTION CUP version;):D Original ButtyBuddy Bare Fender Passenger Seat w/...
  8. hoopla

    New Pillion Seat

    Some time ago I inquired about a new seat for my sweetie, she loves to ride but hated the seat on the roadster. Not many options as you know, I chose to go with a fellow captain @canecorso, Kevin in Canada. We conversed by phone and mostly by conversations. Lots of details were worked out...
  9. The Kiwi

    For Sale Rocket 3 seat and pillion backrest Australia

    Removed from '06 Classic, both in very good condition, surplus to requirements, make me a sensible offer, postage arranged. Cheers, Mal the Kiwi.
  10. albertaduke

    For Sale roadster backrest SOLD

    roadster OEM triumph pillion backrest with luggage rack side mounts and fender covers ( you will need to change the standard covers with the ones included )SOLD US$200 + shipping these items are like new been mounted only for show and shine events SOLD
  11. Best pillion?

    does anyone have opinions on the best seat for your riding partner? Aside from the Russell seats, has anyone found the one choice gives a better ride than anything else? I'll take something of a sore butt if it'll keep my wife from bemoaning the medieval torture device I've "made" her endure...