1. Son_Of_Dog

    Want to Buy Mirrors, Dresser Bars, potentially more...

    Laid the skunk down last Friday, was lucky enough to get away with just cosmetic damage. The list of stuff I'm currently looking for leads on is as follows: (08 R3T) Mirrors Front dresser bars Rear dresser bars Front fender embellisher Front signal light lenses Panniers or repairs to...
  2. Hemi_Guy

    Rear Brake Lens Removal

    Hey gang, Quick question for the team. How does one remove the rear brake light lens on a 11 R3T? Do I have to unbolt the whole assembly from under the fender or does the lens pop off? The lens doesn't seem to have any play so I am guessing I have to unbolt it. Thank you, Paul.
  3. Wild Bill

    New to the forum: 2013 Touring in Nevada

    These people who own the site said I have to introduce myself. Okay. Hi All, this is Wild Bill. I don't know how or when that name was planted on me; it was unjust and slanderous. But it cruelly stuck somehow against my complaint. I've been riding since I was 15, my first bike being a $35.00...

    clear turn signal lens

    were can i find clear lens covers front and rear. and led inserts? thank you