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    1. Gordon Winstone
      Gordon Winstone
      Ken, installed your keyless ignition system a couple of years ago, everything working great, but was poss looking to upgrade instruments to digital, and was looking for recommendations, like the dakotas not sure of wiring reqd, had any experience with these or any others?
    2. Sidehack
      Ken, have been reading about your start system would like to get some more information on key-less vs. fob version. I assume work as 4 wheeler do. Have a '17 R3R and the key is , well lets say not well placed. Thanks for your designing this and looking forward to talking to you.
    3. JAGMCLG
      Ken, I've been thinking about a keyless system for my R3R for some time now, and yours seems to be the nicest, cleanest system I can find. Would love to get a price quote for your latest solid-state system. Also, slightly unrelated, would like to know where you source your terminals and connectors from. I'm looking for one that's apparently impossible to find. Thank you very much!

    4. Andy E
      Andy E
      I would just like to thank DEcosse for pointing me in the right direction. Bike cutting out when selecting neutral. I am now a new user of TuneECU (a lot to learn) and my TPS is sorted and Bike running great. Many thanks.
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      2. DEcosse
        Thanks Andy E - glad to hear you got it all worked out and sincerely appreciate the acknowledgement
        Jul 18, 2016
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    Bay Area, CA
    Triumph Daytona (Custom)
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    Speed Triple with 147HP Daytona motor and GSXR USD Forks (plus much more)
    Bike Electronics/Electrical
    Ex-Pat Scot now living in CA - my screen-name DEcosse (actually should be D'Ecosse) means "from Scotland". My first three bikes back in the 'old country' were Triumphs. After various Japanese Sport bikes, and then a hiatus I came back to the fold with a Speed Triple that has gone through MAJOR transformation to what it is today - about the only things that left Hinckley under this VIN are the frame, swing-arm and plastics (although even the latter are not original factory finish and have custom paint and decals)



    Ask me about my Hands-free Key-Less Ignition System Or Headlight Relay Kits
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