ignition switch not working

  1. The Fast Chef

    Ignition/Starting issue??

    Good morning Rocketeers; I've dealt with this problem for a while, and have searched for a solution on this site before, but to no avail. Perhaps its been recently solved by another, if so, please redirect me. Sure, these things sometimes won't start, I know that. Every so often, @25% of the...
  2. Starmanut

    Speedometer, Display, Warning light went nuts, now everything is dead.

    Hi everyone. I bought a 2010 Triumph Rocket 3 Touring with 20,000 miles on it about six weeks ago. Just getting used to it and starting to like it. I installed a tachometer on it right away and rode it for about 400 miles or so with no problems till about last week when I had this strange...