1. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Handle Bars Rocket Classic Tourer New Never Installed

    Rocket Classic Tourer Handle Bars. New never installed. Slightly wider and with a little more pull back than a Standard/Roadster. USD $75 + Shipping.
  2. Ozarksflyfisher

    2014 Roadster Seat for 07 Classic Tourer?

    Will a single seat from a 2014 Rocket III Roadster fit on a 2007 Rocket III Tourer (actually the special edition Classic Tourer)? Thanks Joe
  3. Richard Browne

    R3 Tourer Fog Light replacement lenses

    For a small number of dull reasons, I need to replace one of my fog light lenses. I have a 2009 R3 Tourer with the standard Triumph fog lights. What are the options for replacements? I don't ride in the fog (at least not intentionally) but I do ride at night, so if there are lenses which give...
  4. Ishrub

    For Sale Be quick on FB in USA Classic 'Tourer' seat with riders backrest US$250

    This is the Classic seat for Std, Classic and Roadsters. Rocky Millbrook is in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Yesterday at 7:16 AM Triumph “tourer” rocket III seat $250 Bridgeport, WV I’m selling his Triumph “tourer” rocket III seat with drivers backrest and bracket. ( if your bike has the 240...
  5. R

    Tourer sits too high for my short legs.

    Hi guys, I have a rocket111 tourer, which sits too tall for me! I have sat on a classic and a roadster and I’m flat footed, but on the tourer I’m on my toes. Can I use rear suspension from the other two bikes to lower height assuming they will fit hole mounting centres? Thanks in advance Rod.
  6. Richard 5

    For sale r3 tourer

    late 2016/2017 model brought on 27 july 2017 tor pipes crossover pipe hanso remap extra lights $20000ono suit new buyer has about 300km on it more than in pic
  7. Toon252

    Rivco risers on my R3 2010 Tourer.

    Hi everyone, first post so be gentle. I have a R3 2010 tourer, purchased 4 months ago with 20K km from a dealer. The previous owner had installed Rivco risers which look great and a nice upright riding position. The clutch cable is the original and routed up the side of the column. I would like...
  8. R3TK

    For Sale R3 Tourer parts

    Touring Screen (screen only, no fork brackets) - good used condition £100 Pillion back rest (back rest only as per photo) - good used condition £30 Touring Headlight and 2 spots (clear not fog - light unit only as per pic) - good condition all three £70 OR if you buy the lot £185 for all lots...
  9. travelguy

    kawi supercharged tourer ups the game

    2018 Kawasaki H2 SX First Look - Cycle News
  10. Bull

    2007 classic tourer stock map

    Does anyone have the stock ECU map? Looked but could find one.
  11. G

    For Sale 2007 classic tourer 6300.00

    Selling my r3 . It is in very good condition with good tires , a new battery and a new keyless ignition from Decosse. It has 14,xxx miles . Located in Dayton, Ohio. Asking 6500.00
  12. coneye

    Rocket tourer

    Aaaawww Fook it ,, i was gonna sell my bikes and get a road king , But after i just wrote out an add on here to offer my rt3 ,at a good price to members , I put on how good it was , how good it looked , how its never give me any problems except for the detent spring which cost 300 bucks...
  13. 1K9

    Roadster rider going Tourer

    Happy with a 07 Classic. Saw an 08 Touring purchase prospect. Anything special from this year I have to worry about? It looks like it developed a busted detent spring and was dumped at the local bike pound. Bone stock, 32k mi, no rust or corrosion anywhere.
  14. C

    For Sale 07 classic tourer exhaust

    I have the 3 pipes and brackets for them, as well as the cat box. They have the tapered cone tips on them I am still using the manifold and heat shields. How about $125 for all of it? Might need a screw or 2. I can get pics when I get back next week if anyone wants some.
  15. Joe Satellite

    Rocket 3 tourer brake pedal position

    Hi Clever Ones Had my Rocket 3 tourer for a year and recently had a small altercation with a corner and a safety barrier which caused minor damage to my ride. Had to replace right hand floor board peg and rear brake pedal. I have just received my bike back and the pedal position is much...
  16. notron

    Tourer on the way

    Hi Everyone well i bit the bullet again and have purchased a 2008 R3 tourer with some accident damage i can purchase a near new front mud guard but its off a 2010 model with upside down forks does anyone know whether this will fit mine also looking for crash bars handle bars, radiator surrounds...
  17. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III 2013 triumph rocket iii two tone tourer

    $10,350.00 End Date: Saturday Sep-5-2015 14:49:49 PDT Buy It Now for only: $10,350.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
  18. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III 2013 triumph rocket iii two tone tourer

    $9,995.00 End Date: Tuesday Aug-25-2015 8:40:32 PDT Buy It Now for only: $9,995.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
  19. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III 2013 triumph rocket iii two tone tourer

    $10,500.00 End Date: Wednesday Aug-12-2015 12:42:58 PDT Buy It Now for only: $10,500.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
  20. ebay

    Triumph : Rocket III 2013 triumph rocket 3 tourer 2 tone

    $12,495.00 End Date: Saturday May-2-2015 13:35:34 PDT Buy It Now for only: $12,495.00 Buy It Now | Add to watch list
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