1. imthomas

    Sissy bar 2011 tourer

    Iv bought a sissy bar for my rocket tourer this is the second one iv bought.each one is to big.does the rocket tourer have a narrower back end to the classic.thank you.
  2. perryjones

    My R3 tourer

    Here’s the bike I’m having triked
  3. Ian

    Want to Buy Rocket 3 Tourer 2010 Plastic Side Cover

    My side cover was stolen from the bike outside Myers Geelong. I am looking for a second hand one if possible? See picture of missing cover on the right sdie of bike. Regards Ian
  4. Micksan

    Selling parts from the 2014 R3 Tourer.

    Sold most of the parts
  5. Rocketman15

    13 Rocket 3 Tourer speaker bag lids

    Do any of Harley's speaker bag lids fit on the 13 R3T?
  6. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Handle Bars Rocket Classic Tourer New Never Installed

    Rocket Classic Tourer Handle Bars. New never installed. Slightly wider and with a little more pull back than a Standard/Roadster. USD $75 + Shipping.
  7. Ozarksflyfisher

    2014 Roadster Seat for 07 Classic Tourer?

    Will a single seat from a 2014 Rocket III Roadster fit on a 2007 Rocket III Tourer (actually the special edition Classic Tourer)? Thanks Joe
  8. Richard Browne

    R3 Tourer Fog Light replacement lenses

    For a small number of dull reasons, I need to replace one of my fog light lenses. I have a 2009 R3 Tourer with the standard Triumph fog lights. What are the options for replacements? I don't ride in the fog (at least not intentionally) but I do ride at night, so if there are lenses which give...
  9. Ishrub

    For Sale Be quick on FB in USA Classic 'Tourer' seat with riders backrest US$250

    This is the Classic seat for Std, Classic and Roadsters. Rocky Millbrook is in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Yesterday at 7:16 AM Triumph “tourer” rocket III seat $250 Bridgeport, WV I’m selling his Triumph “tourer” rocket III seat with drivers backrest and bracket. ( if your bike has the 240...
  10. Tourer sits too high for my short legs.

    Hi guys, I have a rocket111 tourer, which sits too tall for me! I have sat on a classic and a roadster and I’m flat footed, but on the tourer I’m on my toes. Can I use rear suspension from the other two bikes to lower height assuming they will fit hole mounting centres? Thanks in advance Rod.
  11. Toon252

    Rivco risers on my R3 2010 Tourer.

    Hi everyone, first post so be gentle. I have a R3 2010 tourer, purchased 4 months ago with 20K km from a dealer. The previous owner had installed Rivco risers which look great and a nice upright riding position. The clutch cable is the original and routed up the side of the column. I would like...
  12. R3TK

    For Sale R3 Tourer parts

    Touring Screen (screen only, no fork brackets) - good used condition £100 Pillion back rest (back rest only as per photo) - good used condition £30 Touring Headlight and 2 spots (clear not fog - light unit only as per pic) - good condition all three £70 OR if you buy the lot £185 for all lots...
  13. travelguy

    kawi supercharged tourer ups the game

    2018 Kawasaki H2 SX First Look - Cycle News
  14. Bull

    2007 classic tourer stock map

    Does anyone have the stock ECU map? Looked but could find one.
  15. For Sale 2007 classic tourer 6300.00

    Selling my r3 . It is in very good condition with good tires , a new battery and a new keyless ignition from Decosse. It has 14,xxx miles . Located in Dayton, Ohio. Asking 6500.00
  16. coneye

    Rocket tourer

    Aaaawww Fook it ,, i was gonna sell my bikes and get a road king , But after i just wrote out an add on here to offer my rt3 ,at a good price to members , I put on how good it was , how good it looked , how its never give me any problems except for the detent spring which cost 300 bucks...
  17. 1K9

    Roadster rider going Tourer

    Happy with a 07 Classic. Saw an 08 Touring purchase prospect. Anything special from this year I have to worry about? It looks like it developed a busted detent spring and was dumped at the local bike pound. Bone stock, 32k mi, no rust or corrosion anywhere.
  18. For Sale 07 classic tourer exhaust

    I have the 3 pipes and brackets for them, as well as the cat box. They have the tapered cone tips on them I am still using the manifold and heat shields. How about $125 for all of it? Might need a screw or 2. I can get pics when I get back next week if anyone wants some.
  19. Joe Satellite

    Rocket 3 tourer brake pedal position

    Hi Clever Ones Had my Rocket 3 tourer for a year and recently had a small altercation with a corner and a safety barrier which caused minor damage to my ride. Had to replace right hand floor board peg and rear brake pedal. I have just received my bike back and the pedal position is much...
  20. notron

    Tourer on the way

    Hi Everyone well i bit the bullet again and have purchased a 2008 R3 tourer with some accident damage i can purchase a near new front mud guard but its off a 2010 model with upside down forks does anyone know whether this will fit mine also looking for crash bars handle bars, radiator surrounds...