1. RazMan

    Self-cancelling indicators

    Has anyone found a good way to make our indicators self cancelling?
  2. Journeyman

    Front and Back Signal Indicators Out (on right side)

    My ’11 Roadster already had LEDs installed when I bought it, so I’m not sure exactly what the setup is. Recently I changed the rear stock housings that had LED bulbs with new LED housings. I had everything working for a while, but now both signal lights on the right side are out. I hooked up an...
  3. NotSoHiddenFox

    Bank angle indicators/draggers/lean sensor/ that **** metal nipple.

    I destroyed mine already and I'm sad to say the Gman ones are no longer available. Those things were long lasting and extremely entertaining. I'm having trouble even finding oem ones. Anyone got any ideas? I have not asked the dealer yet.
  4. FISH22

    Rizoma Club led indicator install (w/pics)

    Merry Christmas, everyone! Wanted to share this led project on my '21 R3R with anyone interested in swapping out the giant indicators (US market). It's a very straight forward job, and with the right parts, it's 100% plug n play. I shared some of these pictures on the Facebook page, and I've...
  5. Son_Of_Dog

    Indicators Not Functioning

    I've been working on the bike again today. When I got on it this morning I noticed that the indicators weren't working. When the indicator switch is moved to either side the headlight and cluster will flicker slightly, but the indicators do not light. I thought it might be an issue with the LED...
  6. ody2002

    Scrolling Indicators

    The dealer's brochure mentions scrolling LED indicators as an accessory option. It doesn't appear those made it into the final line-up. Has anyone seen or heard of them? I'm assuming the Euro-specced indicators are not scrolling.
  7. Kojack1970

    Amber LED bulbs for clear indicators

    Switched out my indicators/ turn signals to clear lenses and wanted a brighter LED bulb which was not orange/ amber behind the clear lens. Bought a pair of these from Amazon as a test and tried in the rear indicators. Not only are they significantly brighter, but the fill out the entire...
  8. Gary

    Tail light and indicators not working

    Hi, I have just bought 06 classic and the tail light was not working. Bought a new ignition switch as there was no power going from the ignition switch to the fuse for the tail light but this did not help so took a feed from another switched live in the fuse box. I also did not have a key fob...
  9. Tripps

    Turn signal dash indicators on

    Weird, after towing it to Florida, when I fired up the bike, both turn signal indicator lights on the dash were on steady. I'm thinking water in the switch maybe, as we rode through heavy rain on the way down. Went off sometimes when I clutched in, and was out and turn signals worked...
  10. mickm7

    classic self cancelling indicators

    classic self cancelling,can I add self cancelling relay,considering that power is there until you physically have to push indicator button to turn off..
  11. Journeyman

    Blinker Cancel / Running Lights / Flashing Brake

    I had a Kisan SignalMinder on another bike and finally added one to the Roadster. Unless you never forget your indicator after making a turn and getting distracted by x,y,z, I highly recommend this $110 contraption. One time is all it takes for a cager to think you are turning and plow right...
  12. VABird

    Gear Indicators

    The Gearingo gear indicators will be available again, and at a special price for a limited time. I don't know the length of time though. It's whenever the manufacturer says stop! They will be available through JBQ at $125 shipped in USA, $135 shipped to Europe and $140 shipped to Australia / NZ...
  13. HIM57

    Replaced rear light and indicators with combo LED unit

    Sorry - tried to post once and not sure if it made it? I thought I'd done my homework regarding this subject here on the forum - but......... 30 minute job has turned into a mess. Removal of old rear light, blinkers, number plate light not problem. I did notice that they all had a sperate...
  14. HIM57

    Changed rear light and indicators for combo unit -Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Me again.... Did the above and flashers work fine - but that's it. No brake light No rear light No number plate light I realize that both flashers - brake and rear light along with number plate have seperate grounds. The unit I purchased has only the one ground. Does this mean tying all my...
  15. ArekDeBoss

    Changing indicators - help needed

    Hi everybody As i mentioned before i have two left hads and no manual skills whatsoever. I recently replaced headlights and it took me ages to do so ;-) Now i have a problem with indicators. Decided to fit mirror integrated ones. But before i started had a look at standard front indicators...
  16. Paul Bryant

    Auto Cancelling Indicators

    I came across this, thought it may be of interest to some. Smart turn system - the best accessory for your motorcycle
  17. Boony

    Speedo, Odometer, indicators and Fuel Gauge stopped working

    I had a look through the Forums but could not find an answer to this problem. I installed new T-bars but needed to move the Speedo and Tacho forward slightly. I removed the instruments and drilled the mounting hole a bit further up to allow the handlebars to lean over further. I carefully...
  18. Barney

    For Sale Passenger backrest and rack, Fog lights, indicators.

    Hi everyone Just got my R3 and there's some bits I don't require! I have a backrest for sale it's been fitted but looks brand new to me. Looks to be a "us*outlaw" type as can be found on ebay. £100 posted to mainland U.K. Anywhere else please contact me for a price. Set of triumph fog / spot...
  19. RooK

    High beam indicator problem using LED headlights (Solved)

    For those having the issue of the high beam indicator staying lit after fitting LED headlights What happens is there is voltage leakage of one (or both) headlamps sending power back into the high beam wiring from the headlamps. The problem seem to be worse as the headlamps warm up. When cold...
  20. Ishrub

    Self cancelling indicators (blinkers)

    How Does it work | StS Anyone tried these? Seems impressive and reasonably priced. $149 Euro posted free anywhere. (AUD$220, US$170 ) STS unlike any other existing systems tracks movement in real time Therefore it will cancel turn signals after every maneuver and never let you down