1. CvSisinthehouse

    Flasher relay/LED question

    I have a rear LED taillight combo where the turn signals stopped working a year or so ago. It was cheap enough so I bought another one, thinking it was the LED light since the front OEM signals work fine. Installed it and it didnt fix the problem. The fronts used to do the hyperflash thing...
  2. EskimoPie

    Brake light flasher

    Anybody installed anything to make the rear brake light flash a few times on activation?
  3. Journeyman28778

    Front and Back Signal Indicators Out (on right side)

    My ’11 Roadster already had LEDs installed when I bought it, so I’m not sure exactly what the setup is. Recently I changed the rear stock housings that had LED bulbs with new LED housings. I had everything working for a while, but now both signal lights on the right side are out. I hooked up an...