1. xrays

    Jay Leno's Garage Rocket 3 Review

  2. stollydriver

    For Sale Garage sort out

    I have some spares that I will put here prior to fleabay. Set of as new chrome oem exhausts from Roadster, taken off from new bike. Set of as new Black exhausts from a Roadster X. Removed new to fit Tors. Black rear side covers ( not suitable if sissy bar fitted) P.M me for details ( no pics as...
  3. lunatic

    tinkering around in garage

    I don't know what happend, I was just changing spark plugs?:sneaky:
  4. W

    sitting in garage

    I just purchased a 2018 R3R. It kills me just looking at it in my garage waiting for Winter to end.
  5. britman

    New Brit in the Garage

    With the Rocket 3 and a Moto Guzzi California 1400 sitting in the garage I had been looking for lighter "knockaround" machine for a while now. I found this 1999 Adventurer in the rear of Triumph Dealership. The previous owner couldn't pay the repair bill so he had relinquished the title to...
  6. E

    Another bike for Lupe's garage!

    Flying Motorcycles May Hit The Skies By Next Year - finance - att.net
  7. BillyIndiana

    Bill's Garage Extending the Battery Tender Cable for a USB

    Hello Friends, It has been a busy week. I am taking off tomorrow September 14th for a 3 day ride in Indiana along the Ohio River. Since I will not be checking in for a few days I thought I would leave you with this. After watching it I am going to subtitle this one my "So" episode.
  8. BillyIndiana

    Bill's Garage Episode 1

    Hope you all enjoy and learn something from my first episode of Bill's Garage
  9. instant

    For Sale (EU) Garage leftovers: OEM Gel seat, Fog lights, Highway Pegs

    Need some room for more expensive junk in my garage, so here we go: A. OEM gel seat It is in as new condition. Purchased it with my 2009 RIII as spare / unused seat. Previous owner purchased it as new but he did not liked it. I only used it couple of times: I like it a lot, but my wife does not...
  10. albertaduke

    not a good morning

    well my roadster captain time may be over this morning a fire broke out in my garage and EVERYTHING has burned car bike and all the bike stuff sad when I see the damage ... i won't be much on this forum anymore for a while
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