1. Whylee

    LaMonster Garage tail tidy installed

    Got my LaMonster Tail Tidy and Triumph rack installed today. I used my OEM signals and a lighted license plate frame.
  2. masterchief

    Garage door opener

    Hi All, Got my TR3 GT yesterday and wow what a bike, its everything i wanted and way more, however the first this I though of was how do I shut and open my garage door without taking off my gloves and getting my keys out of my pockets and fiddling about with it to open the door, I guess I wont...
  3. Art

    AutoSwitch garage door opener installation

    I'd like to install this on my 2022 rocket. Autoswitch Model AS7G It can be wired into "the high beam wire, or the brake bulb wire or any wire that gets 12Volts when an existing button (for some other use) is activated." My most ideal installation would be the high beam button, triggered...
  4. stollydriver

    For Sale Garage sort out

    I have some spares that I will put here prior to fleabay. Set of as new chrome oem exhausts from Roadster, taken off from new bike. Set of as new Black exhausts from a Roadster X. Removed new to fit Tors. Black rear side covers ( not suitable if sissy bar fitted) P.M me for details ( no pics as...
  5. lunatic

    tinkering around in garage

    I don't know what happend, I was just changing spark plugs?:sneaky:
  6. sitting in garage

    I just purchased a 2018 R3R. It kills me just looking at it in my garage waiting for Winter to end.
  7. britman

    New Brit in the Garage

    With the Rocket 3 and a Moto Guzzi California 1400 sitting in the garage I had been looking for lighter "knockaround" machine for a while now. I found this 1999 Adventurer in the rear of Triumph Dealership. The previous owner couldn't pay the repair bill so he had relinquished the title to...
  8. EasTexRIII

    Another bike for Lupe's garage!

    Flying Motorcycles May Hit The Skies By Next Year - finance - att.net
  9. BillyIndiana

    Bill's Garage Extending the Battery Tender Cable for a USB

    Hello Friends, It has been a busy week. I am taking off tomorrow September 14th for a 3 day ride in Indiana along the Ohio River. Since I will not be checking in for a few days I thought I would leave you with this. After watching it I am going to subtitle this one my "So" episode.
  10. BillyIndiana

    Bill's Garage Episode 1

    Hope you all enjoy and learn something from my first episode of Bill's Garage
  11. instant

    For Sale (EU) Garage leftovers: OEM Gel seat, Fog lights, Highway Pegs

    Need some room for more expensive junk in my garage, so here we go: A. OEM gel seat It is in as new condition. Purchased it with my 2009 RIII as spare / unused seat. Previous owner purchased it as new but he did not liked it. I only used it couple of times: I like it a lot, but my wife does not...
  12. albertaduke

    not a good morning

    well my roadster captain time may be over this morning a fire broke out in my garage and EVERYTHING has burned car bike and all the bike stuff sad when I see the damage ... i won't be much on this forum anymore for a while