engine bars

  1. My Roadster in 2019

    My Roadster in 2019

    … with Classic footboards, apes and more.
  2. Bigjaype

    **Found** Engine bars wanted

    Looking for some engine bars...after my little road rash incident, I’m wondering if anyone has a set? Not really keen to pay over $400 for a new set.
  3. Want to Buy Engine Bars for 2012 Roadster

    Wanted 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster.....Engine Bars
  4. Noidea

    Engine bars?

    yo fellas.... anyone have these? Engine Guard MB Triumph Rocket III Roadster 10-18 Craftride Black | eBay
  5. chandelierman

    50mm engine bars

    I have been working on getting the shape right on the 50mm bars .... these bars are TOUGH .... made from 3mm tubing
  6. Foggy

    New (to me) Roadster

    Thought you might like to see a picky of me new bike........... This is my second foray into the world of the Rocket, after the illfated 2005 standard Rocket which went back where it came from with a duff ECU, Instruments and various faulty sensors, and was exchanged for a 2012 1600 Thunderbird...
  7. Paul Jacobs

    Rear engine bars

    Hi all, I have scored a set of rear engine bars for my Roadster. Can someone post a picture of how they fit or explain. Thanks.
  8. flyreels

    Want to Buy Engine bars front and highway pegs

    Hi I would like a set of engine bars, the new design 32mm ones and a set of highway pegs and mounts, so if any one in Aus has some for sale please send me a PM or email me at flyreels@hotmail.com Cheers Pete
  9. Mittzy

    Want to Buy hiway pegs for engine bars

    Just looking for a standard Triumph set of hiway pegs to bolt onto my engine bars. Anyone got a spare/used set they are willing to part with?
  10. Paul Jacobs

    Engine bars

    Has any one used these 38mm engine bars I found on the internet in the UK. They seem well made has any one an opinipn (silly question) Link Removed
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