engine bars

  1. My Roadster in 2019

    My Roadster in 2019

    … with Classic footboards, apes and more.
  2. Bigjaype

    **Found** Engine bars wanted

    Looking for some engine bars...after my little road rash incident, I’m wondering if anyone has a set? Not really keen to pay over $400 for a new set.
  3. Want to Buy Engine Bars for 2012 Roadster

    Wanted 2012 Rocket 3 Roadster.....Engine Bars
  4. Engine bars?

    yo fellas.... anyone have these? Engine Guard MB Triumph Rocket III Roadster 10-18 Craftride Black | eBay
  5. Foggy

    New (to me) Roadster

    Thought you might like to see a picky of me new bike........... This is my second foray into the world of the Rocket, after the illfated 2005 standard Rocket which went back where it came from with a duff ECU, Instruments and various faulty sensors, and was exchanged for a 2012 1600 Thunderbird...
  6. Paul Jacobs

    Rear engine bars

    Hi all, I have scored a set of rear engine bars for my Roadster. Can someone post a picture of how they fit or explain. Thanks.
  7. flyreels

    Want to Buy Engine bars front and highway pegs

    Hi I would like a set of engine bars, the new design 32mm ones and a set of highway pegs and mounts, so if any one in Aus has some for sale please send me a PM or email me at flyreels@hotmail.com Cheers Pete
  8. Mittzy

    Want to Buy hiway pegs for engine bars

    Just looking for a standard Triumph set of hiway pegs to bolt onto my engine bars. Anyone got a spare/used set they are willing to part with?
  9. Paul Jacobs

    Engine bars

    Has any one used these 38mm engine bars I found on the internet in the UK. They seem well made has any one an opinipn (silly question) Link Removed