1. SimonRowell

    2021 Rocket 3R - Header Discoloration

    Hi - I wanted to get opinions about some ugly discoloration I'm seeing on the headers of my 3R. I've other threads on this forum about blue stains but nothing about these rust-looking examples. Any idea what's causing it? Can it be polished off? I'm going to drop by the dealer, so have not...
  2. rdomeck

    Carpenter 240+ kit quieter exhaust? 3:1 header

    Hello all, I just picked up a 2015 R3 touring that the previous owner had a 240 Carpenter kit installed. It's a great bike. Only had 2500 miles on it. Has the 3:1 header on it with a megaphone. I messaged Carpenter and they do not have anything quieter for me. Has anyone had luck installing...
  3. Chariot

    Toasted Right Ankle

    Does anyone make a heat shield for the header pipes?
  4. leatal

    Another header for 2020+ bikes

    Looks like Carpenter is close to producing a different header for our beloved Rockets. They say it is a "3 into 2 into 2 into 1 header" and named it the "TXL". Doesn't look too bad if ceramic coated and equipped with heat shields. Not too promising for the GT model though.
  5. H B

    Exhaust Header Pipe Burning Wet Weather Gear

    Hi, Has anyone got a way of stopping the exhaust header pipes on the RHS burning a hole in my wet weather gear just below the knee, it has happened twice now? Cheers HB
  6. estoma

    Hairline Crack on Exhaust Header

    I noticed a hairline crack on the middle (#2) header almost two weeks ago. The crack is approximately parallel to the engine face along the exhaust ports. Its jagged appearance indicates that it might well have started as a shorter (hydroforming-related) stress fracture from where it then...
  7. KalSaint

    Exhaust Leak At Header

    Good Morning Everyone, I recently installed Paul's Viking Header exhaust, and when I installed it, I saw that the factory gaskets were still inside the ports, so I went ahead an put on the new header. When I did this, I made sure to make sure it hadn't rolled downward, and I thought I had it...
  8. CCjon

    Exhaust Header Temps

    After a 140 mile ride today, checked the temperature at each exhaust clamp: Front Cylinder - 160 F Middle - 193 F Rear - 184 F Does this seem normal? Has anyone else checked their header temps after a ride?
  9. Journeyman

    The Slippery Slope - CES Racing Headers

    This site has been a bad influence.... Although I really do like the looks of the stock header, the quest for “more, more , more” eventually took me down the custom header path. I finally settled on the 2 ¼ diameter header and exhaust system from CES Racing Systems. I like the design, now even...
  10. Ishrub

    For Sale Cheap chrome exhaust header covers

    US$16 Ignore the tip it is scuffed. Not sure what use the other bits are. 06 2006 TRIUMPH 2300cc ROCKET III EXHAUST HARDWARE #X15 | eBay
  11. ratsidecar

    For Sale TORS silencers, radiator and guards, fork protectors, header covers,mirrors

    Selling a few parts here. All prices are plus postage, Removed from a 2006 Rocket III with 20k miles on it. Triple TORS silencers including exhaust brackets and heatshield covers. These are in decent condition, there is a scrape and some cracking of the chrome on the underside of the bottom...
  12. hoopla

    Installed Pauls header (with pics)

    Several days ago I got the chance to install a @Paul Bryant header. It's done in chrome. Yesterday I installed a tune reccommended by Clavinger, Headers and ramair 226. Did the 12 minute tune and reset adaptives, so she was ready to rock and roll. The other parts of my set up is RamAir and...
  13. Landstar

    Crossover Pipe header wrap

    Header wrap sure did cut a lot of the heat on a Paul Bryant crossover Pipe. It know feels lot cooler than the stock pipe was!
  14. Nat67

    Cerakote doing my header in

    Well after scouring the Google's looking for a cerakote applicator to refinish my recently acquired CES, I finally found my man , or so I thought ? After mailing photos of a new CES header , most applicators said fairly and honestly enough that they couldn't match the finish . One however ...
  15. Quey

    Want to Buy 09 Exhaust Header midpipe muffler.

    Im trying to get hold of an exhaust header midpipe muffler for my 09 classic. Prefer to buy here in Australia only due to shipping. New or used is good. Thanks in advance.
  16. Navigator

    Anyone have a pic of Viking Exhaust header on a Touring?

    With TORs on my 09 Touring along with the Viking crossover piece, I have been considered getting Paul's custom exhaust header in the silver. As yet I'm undecided for a few reasons. The 09 stock header appears to be much better for exhaust flow than the cast iron one on my 07 Classic so one...
  17. ChrisACT

    **SOLD** CES header

    CES header for sale. Silver with black shields. Used working condition. Comes with three new copper exhaust gaskets still in packets. As pictured below when they were on ishrub's Roadster. Link Removed They are designed for Roadsters and wouldn't fit my Standard with the factory foot...
  18. ChrisACT

    CES Header with footboards on standard Rocket III ... don't fit :(

    So, it appears the used CES header I purchased doesn't want to play with my footboards due to clearance issues with the rear brake master cylinder resovoir. The rear brake lever is pretty darn close too. Any suggestions?
  19. Bull

    Would I benefit from a new header?

    My 2007 has a cat delete, Tors and RamAir (I bought the last one as a Christmas present to me from my wife). Would putting on one of Paul’s or Carpenter’s headers add any more umph? I really like the look of the triple exhaust and sound of the Tors.
  20. phar2slo

    Oil header tank leaking again!

    Well I had the update kit on the 06 done in July and earlier this month noticed the engine was wet with oil. Knew what it was straight away. Called the stealership and said that it's got a leak and will they repair it? Yes they would for a few hundred dollars. So I know they used the...