For Sale TORS silencers, radiator and guards, fork protectors, header covers,mirrors


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Jul 13, 2017
Northern Ireland
2006 Rocket III
Selling a few parts here. All prices are plus postage, Removed from a 2006 Rocket III with 20k miles on it.

Triple TORS silencers including exhaust brackets and heatshield covers. These are in decent condition, there is a scrape and some cracking of the chrome on the underside of the bottom right hand silencer, however it can not be seen when fitted to the bike unless you are lying underneath it. Slash cut ends £275

Radiator with cap included. Excellent condition, no leaks no damage, no scrapes. £100

Front fork protectors, excellent condition, no rust or scrapes. There are a few squashed flies on them in the photo but I will clean those off. £20

Set of covers that fill in the gap where the header leaves the exhaust port and the original heat shield cover begins. There is some rust around the screw hole but the part that is on show is perfect .£15

Full set of radiator guards in chrome including chrome mesh radiator grill. Perfect condition no damage. £40

Pair of standard chrome mirrors also covered in squashed flies. £20

All of the intake plumbing and plenum chamber etc that gets ripped off when fitting a ramair filter £20

Full set of standard radiator hoses. £20

used underseat K&N air filter, pretty clean and in good condition £15

I am in the UK, can ship worldwide but postage might be high on some items.