1. buddazero

    Tune Map for R3 Roadster 2018 w. Ram Air & Dave Platt Custom Silencers

    Hey, As you can tell from the title I a Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster 2018 with the Ram Air kit & Dave Platt Exhaust, right now I have a previous Dyno Tune from an old exhaust system, and I think it's a bad idea to continue riding with that Tune, also the Dyno Tuner here in the states wasn't as...
  2. rodger

    Removing end cans / silencers/ mufflers

    hii all \i am new here i recently got myself a 2016 rocket GT , and was wondering if anyone has removed the end part of the exhaust , and if so ..................... was it too loud , any engine tune necessary ?
  3. DaSmee

    Custom Silencers / TORS?

    Anyone got any experience with Custom Silencers / TORS? I'd like to modify the sound of my RT3, been searching the usual places, but to no avail, any custom makers out there? Thanks Nigel
  4. ratsidecar

    For Sale TORS silencers, radiator and guards, fork protectors, header covers,mirrors

    Selling a few parts here. All prices are plus postage, Removed from a 2006 Rocket III with 20k miles on it. Triple TORS silencers including exhaust brackets and heatshield covers. These are in decent condition, there is a scrape and some cracking of the chrome on the underside of the bottom...
  5. Bigj1955

    For Sale OEM Silencers and headlights

    I sold off my 2016 roadster recently. I have the original mufflers left. I am moving in October and am looking to clean out stuff I don’t need. They are in mint condition, the mufflers only have about 500miles on them. They are heavy and will cost at least 50$ to ship in the lower 48. I am...
  6. late2ride

    stainless Silencers from British Legends vs TORS

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my 2017 rocket III in a way that will be compatible with a future TTL stage 1 or 2 supercharger yet still not get me arrested for excessive noise. I picked up these sound clips of each. I like the...
  7. Journeyman

    For Sale 2011 Roadster stock silencers for sale

    Will sell as a set or individually. The left has some small scratches where the previous owner must have dropped the bike. The right has a very shallow small dent, barely noticeable. I'll post pictures if anyone is interested in replacing their "manked" pipes. $60 each or $100 for the pair, plus...
  8. Bigj1955

    For Sale TORS Silencers

    I am selling off my slightly used TORS mufflers - they are in great shape except for a few dings (Pictures will be following once I get a chance). These are the dual TORS and I had them on my 2016 R3R. Here are photos showing the mufflers. I'm going to list them on Ebay now - If you...
  9. eugene

    For Sale Rocket Silencers

    I have LIKE new silencers pt # 2208414 2208415 2208420 these came with the 05 Rocket I recently bought. They appear to be almost new. Not sure what bike they originally came from. Thinking $280.00 plus whatever shipping is. Or local pick-up. I may be over priced, if someone knows what these...
  10. Bigj1955

    For Sale R3Roadster OEM Silencers

    I have my OEM mufflers for sale on Ebay - Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster Factory Exhaust-A2209801/A2209802 | eBay
  11. Pipe differences

    Anyone know how to tell the difference between stock pipes and the only other Triumph pipes available. At least as far as I know. I received a set as a gift, they look exactly alike. So far I've been told that the pipes might be silencers, which I really don't want. Any and all help...