1. JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    JW Speaker LED headlamps on The R3R

    Fit like a glove; Look Amazing. There are 2 versions, the blacked-out and the chrome one. I put chrome ones. The blacked-outs make the bike look kinda blind with too dark front fascia. Performance-wise, the difference is huge with crystal visibility for at least 200m!
  2. Bigj1955

    For Sale R3Roadster Sports Screen

    Selling a used R3R Sports Screen - NO HARDWARE - on Ebay - Triumph Rocket 3 Sport Windscreen - A 9740049 | eBay
  3. Bigj1955

    For Sale R3Roadster OEM Silencers

    I have my OEM mufflers for sale on Ebay - Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster Factory Exhaust-A2209801/A2209802 | eBay
  4. ToxIc2300

    For Sale Tuneboy Never Used

    Purchased tuneboy for my 2012 R3Roadster. Never used still has a free map you can get from tuneboy. (Went with custom map) Will ship from Louisiana