1. R-III-R Turbo

    How To Balance / Sync Throttles

    Due to a few requests on my Youtube channel, coupled with a lack of a sticky/central thread on here, I took an hour on rainy Saturday and made this video showing how to balance or synchronise the throttles on the Rocket III. Hopefully it will be of some use.
  2. R-III-R Turbo

    TuneECU vs TuneBoy vs Triumph Diagnostic

    A mildly interesting fact that the TPS/ISCV voltages read differently in Triumph's own diagnostics software, versus in the TuneECU and TuneBoy we all know and use. TuneECU and TuneBoy appear to read 0.02v or more higher on the TPS/ISCV than Triumph's own diagnostic software. Would this be the...
  3. Justin Lakes

    Need TTS mapping help (tuneboy )

    There's a possibility I'm doing this incorrectly, but every time I try to load the mapping from TTS via tuneboy I get a message that says it's not a valid keihin file.
  4. kcc11

    Info and Tunes needed for Tuneboy and PC-V w/Carps. 240 kit.-DONE AT LAST-

    Found a tuner and is about 6 miles from the house. Never know he was there. Down a dirt road and has been there for years. Found a number of problems. 1st. was running very lean, like 14 -1 at idle and would jump to 18-1 under throttle. Full or part throttle was way to lean. He starts to adjust...
  5. cbeaman22

    Tuneboy tune for carpenter

    Hey guys, I am looking for a tuneboy tune for my 15 roadster with a carpenter exhaust, triple K&N under the claw and secondaries removed. The roadster tune that came with it is giving me quite the popping.
  6. ratsidecar

    Does anyone have a tuneboy livetune for ramair and full exhaust system?

    Hi, question as per title, thanks
  7. BlackSails

    Tuneboy Tuner in Nashville

    I found a tuneboy dyno tuner in Gallatin, Tn. Jeremy Weber at Classic Motorcycle Performance. I stopped by just to get a run in after my mods. Ramair, Paul Bryant crossover, & TORS. The map I most recently installed was the 20258 off the tuneecu custom maps section. The result was 145hp 154Tq...
  8. Pumbaa

    Time for a Boost

    Have got a new CES system, 3 x K&N pods.. now it's time to add some more magic.. Do I go Tuneboy/ECU flash, Hanso or Power Commander ? Need some constructive advice please..
  9. R3Rx118

    Told PCV Not Recommended.....By Dealer

    Hi all, not to start another thread dealing with a Power Commander but I couldn't find what I was looking for in the existing Threads...I did NOT read them all. I talked to a dealer about mods for my Rocket, and asked them what they do. I am looking to do the intake and exhaust, secondaries...
  10. Skililo

    TuneBoy Quest

    We have a 2012 Rocket III roadster in the workshop that started out about a year ago to have a Turbo Connect upgrade, with new hardware fitted and the TubeBoy app flashed to the motorcycle ECU. All sounded pretty straight forward and was pursued with confidence. Dyno-jet by Skililo posted Sep...
  11. Laverada

    How can I get maximum power without carpenter upgrade?

    Howdy Folks, couple questions for you all... First off I have a 2016 R3 Roadster. Everything is Stock and I haven't done anything to it. I'm interested in increasing sound and performance. My question is how much more Hp and torque can I get without getting the carpenter upgrades? My dealer...
  12. Skililo

    Into the labyrinth

    We're back in Darkwoods and the digital eco-system of a 2013 Rocket III roadster. This time working with TuneBoy engine management systems and a turbo-charger (TurboTune). First thing I'm greeted with when diligently printing out all the pdf and Word files is this - VAG-COM USB by Skililo...
  13. Set-up help

    I am hoping some of you can give me advise on what to do set-up wise on my 2012 Rocket Roadster. I am running ram air with cut bearclaw which I did a 12 minute tune on. I just bought a set of TORS and a staintune crossover pipe. I want to run the TORS because the bike has Corbin bags and...
  14. ToxIc2300

    For Sale Tuneboy Never Used

    Purchased tuneboy for my 2012 R3Roadster. Never used still has a free map you can get from tuneboy. (Went with custom map) Will ship from Louisiana
  15. Claviger

    Good news about Tuneboy

    Well well well.... After a veeeery long wait I have my hands on a working TuneBOY Live tune for roadsters + a compatible copy of TuneEDIT YEEHA! So this means actually, finally, being able to keep 3 working tunes in your ECU at all times and switching them on the fly. So, 1st order of business...
  16. boogerdave

    Question: Tuneboy to Tune ECU

    Is it possible to take a tune I had used on my old R3 with Tuneboy, and convert it, or use it with Tune ECU on another bike? Do I need to convert it? OR . . is there a good tune for tune ECU for 2007 Classic with TORS and cat bypass?