1. Jenko

    Brisbane tuners

    Research time guys all help appreciated. So I currently have a list of repairs that need to be completed, after which I have some cosmetic and performance upgrades in mind, I'm all sorted for the current repairs, I have my plan for cosmetic/comfort upgrades. And to an extent I have a plan for...
  2. skaarlaj

    Any tuners try running E85

    I realize the lower performance motors will benefit less with high octane fuels, but these high compression kits like Carpenter, or boosted applications would probably scream if ran on E85. I would just imagine the timing advance you could get out of using it even on a stock R3 would be in the...
  3. Journeyman28778

    Create/share List of Tuners by Region?

    I would like to get a custom tune for my bike sometime in the near future, but it sounds like a good tuner is hard to find. Does anyone know of a talented tuner in the western NC area? Additional questions: Would a compiled list of tuners by region be of use to other members? If I'm using...
  4. Joesmoe

    Tune Resources - tuners

  5. R3Rx118

    Told PCV Not Recommended.....By Dealer

    Hi all, not to start another thread dealing with a Power Commander but I couldn't find what I was looking for in the existing Threads...I did NOT read them all. I talked to a dealer about mods for my Rocket, and asked them what they do. I am looking to do the intake and exhaust, secondaries...
  6. Troy

    Bazzaz tuners

    has anyone heard of these guys? I have a dyno tuner that loves them. It is suppose to give them even more tunability! Only problem is they do not have one for us! I called them, and they are wet interests in making one for the rocket. So, per there words, if anyone in Cally wants a free tuner...
  7. Dobeck Auto Tuners

    Many of you know, many may not, that my R3R has had a dead spot in the throttle since I've owned it. I'm sure the problem could be eliminated with a different tune, but I have no knowledge of tuneECU, nor do I have the desire or the time to learn. My extent of using tuneECU was loading in a...
  8. SausageCreature

    Dyno tuners in/near NE FLA?

    Anyone know of any good tuners within, say, an hour or so of Jacksonville? I bought the bike used, and I suspect the current tune (whether stock, dealer or P.O. installed) is a bit off, since it pops on a closed throttle a bit more than I would like. Yes, I know they all pop a bit, especially...