sports screen

  1. R3Rx118

    For Sale Seats and Other Stuff

    Hi all, I've got some parts for sale that need a new life on the road. Sports screen is clear but is I sprayed it with black plasti coat. Will peel off if you want clear or to change color.
  2. RacerX74

    German flyscreen / sports screen

    Any seen this screen before or maybe even got one ? liking the exhaust and custom the in fill panel looks good
  3. RacerX74

    Sports screen & Belly pan

    After trying and I mean really trying to live without a screen and stick with the whole naked bike thing I have finally given up and fitted a Triumph sports screen and man it makes a world of difference think it looks a lot better in the flesh than in photos . Also fitted a Belly pan as well to...
  4. Bigj1955

    For Sale R3Roadster Sports Screen

    Selling a used R3R Sports Screen - NO HARDWARE - on Ebay - Triumph Rocket 3 Sport Windscreen - A 9740049 | eBay
  5. cadconversions

    Want to Buy Corbin fairing and/or windshield / sports screen

    About to purchase a Corbin fairing for my bike. However, I'm going on a bike trip prior to it arriving. Would like to possibly purchase a Corbin fairing in great condition from someone here in Phantom Black. More likely - I'm going to need to purchase either a painted fly screen, sports...
  6. Blackthou

    Sports Screen

    Fitted a Sports Screen to my Roadster today. I like it. Being transparent the front still looks thesame. Subtle and nice IMO. Too dark to post any pictures though. Will do another time.
  7. wordwarrior

    Want to Buy OEM rocket 3 sports screen

    Would like to buy an OEM sports screen in good condition with triumph fixing kit. Must be complete. May consider aftermarket copy and/or coloured/tinted so long as it matches my blue haze 2011 R3R message me with your best price. Prefer seller to be based in the UK, Central England even...
  8. Buck Mossie

    Fly screen vs Sports screen...

    I am thinking of adding a small screen to my Rocket III... It is a jet black 2006... Any preference / advantage / disadvantage, to the solid color fly screen vs the clear sports screen... Other than the color they look identical... S/F B