1. Morph1976

    Crossover pipe with standatd exhaust

    Hi guys, just got the rocket back on road only for someone to pull out in front of me. Long story short both me and the bike went flying. Given 3rd party was the issue I'm making a claim given with clothing and repairs its gonna be in excess of 2.5k. Now what I'm thinking as I'm gonna need left...
  2. H B

    Exhaust Header Pipe Burning Wet Weather Gear

    Hi, Has anyone got a way of stopping the exhaust header pipes on the RHS burning a hole in my wet weather gear just below the knee, it has happened twice now? Cheers HB
  3. Lamonster

    New Zard Pipe for the 2500cc

    I really like the looks of this one. I was told they should be ready to order next week. No cost yet but I'm guessing around $1500-$2000 based on some of the other pipes they make.
  4. AdeMac28

    Intro & Cross over pipe Search

    Hi All, new to the forum. Own an untouched Rocket X & hoping to be able to find where to purchase a black Cross over pipe to eliminate the cat. Any contacts would be appreciated.