1. R3RM


    After deep reading on the latest wireless airbags (Alpinestar Tech-Air 5, Dainese Smart Jacket and D-Air, In&Motion (Ixon, Furygan, RST) and the e-Turtle from Helite, I believe that I'll go for the Helite e-Turtle. Reasons why : . I'm against airbags vests not fastened to the jacket (ref...
  2. buddazero

    Scorpio Alarm Module Location?

    Happy Belated Easter! I've purchased the Scorpio Alarm and its coming in tomorrow. I only want it for the alarm, tilt/shock sensor and nothing else. No lights flashing or enhine cut off-I got an Oxford lock. So, for me its simple plug & play, but I need ideas on where to place the module. I...
  3. Saddlebag Security Bolts

    Have you found a product that makes it more difficult for our hard touring bags to be removed and stolen? I see lots of security bolts for harleys on the internet but haven't found any for R3T's.