1. beck

    Quad Lock 360 Bar Clamp - Medium

    Been searching this out for a bit, and apologies if I didn't search hard enough in the past threads here. I'm looking for the best setup for my phone, particularly in regard to the wireless charging that Quad Lock has to offer. I currently have a cheapo Amazon holder that is honestly fantastic...
  2. 1Steve

    What do you guys recommend as the best throttle lock for a 2015 Rocket Touring?

    I just bought a 2015 Touring and she'll be taken on a lot of long rides. My right hand goes numb very quickly if I can't shake it out regularly so a good throttle lock or cruise control is essential. The bike is in Spokane Washington and I'll fly up and drive her home to Phoenix as our first...
  3. after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz

    after accident, now i most make my rocket, i have new ignition lock with new key, is there e chip in the key? my rocket is from 2010 greetz
  4. Bull

    Anyone made their seat lock keyless?

    I thought I saw someone do this a while ago but I couldn't find it in the search.
  5. Hemi_Guy

    Want to Buy Windshield Lock

    Hi there, I know I am probably in line given these are no longer produced, but I would like to buy a windshield lock for my 2011 R3T with removable windshield. I believe the part number is: A9938030 Thank you, Paul.
  6. Bedifferent

    Lock your doors, the beast was out of its cage!

    It was 55 degrees here in Michigan today. We have had several rainy days, so the salt was off the roads. I decided to "Release The Kraken" for a little riding time. With the monster out of its box, I had a chance to try out my new Spidi Superstorm H20ut Pants from Revzilla. They really work...
  7. goncallf

    Differences IGNITION SWITCH & LOCK SET - 343680 Vs 3436801

    I would like to know if there are differences between these two set. Both mention that works on Classic and Roadster.
  8. Jan Aarberg

    Disc lock alarm

    Hi! Can anyone recommend a good quality disc lock alarm that will fit a 2004 R3,- like the Abus Granit Detecto X Plus 8077 or similar? Thanks!
  9. Bedifferent

    BrakeAway Throttle Lock Grip Resizing Offer

    Hi Everyone...You know I am a big fan of the BrakeAway Throttle Lock :rolleyes: and I have posted this at least in part on other posts. In order for the throttle lock to work best, the shoulder of the grip needs to be flat and turned down under a certain size. This is recommended by the guy...
  10. WildBill

    Kaoko Throttle Lock

    Riding out to the midwest this coming June to meet up with some friends and do some riding in Minnesota and Ontario. Unfortunately, living here on the Washington/Idaho border, that entails riding through long, boring stretches of eastern Montana and North Dakota. I've been looking at throttle...
  11. rcket3

    Want to Buy R3T windcreen lock.

    Hi I am looking for a windscreen lock kit for a 2016 Rocket 3 touring. Looks like it has been deleted from the Triumph brochure. Not worried about the lock barrel as it looks as if my bike came with a spare keyed alike barrel.
  12. rcket3

    Mag Throttle Cruise control/Throttle lock.

    Hi all I have done a search but couldn't find anything. Just wondering if anyone has tried the Mag Throttle cruise control/throttle lock. I am looking at it for my 2016 R3T All the info is at Mag Throttle Store Seems like a good idea but I just have some concerns as to whether I will be able to...
  13. Fingers

    Electronic throttle lock

    Has anyone used the electric throttle lock by magthrottlestore.com?
  14. m6w6

    Fuel cap lock

    Hi, did anyone ever try to replace the lock in the fuel cap Lockable Fuel Cap | A9930170 | Triumph Motorcycles with one of the locks that came with the bike? I took the cap apart but left the lock in its containment and it already looked a bit shorter than the replacement lock cylinders. Also...
  15. Laverada

    What is the best throttle lock to buy

    Hey there everyone, I'm planning to do some long rides this year and as you know It can be nice to shake your hand out every once in a while. I'm looking for a good throttle lock that functions well anyone have any ideas? Also looking for a front wind fairing if anyone knows of anything let me...
  16. sonny

    Lock and Adjustment nut on steering stem.

    The locknut and adjustment nut on the steering stem is what size? Please tell me it is a 40MM. Last night we realized real quick that a 32MM was a bit small, so we measured it and ordered 40MM socket and thin wrench. Looked at bike bandits OEM parts and no size given. Did we guess right?
  17. Cherokee

    For Sale Lockable Gas Cap #A9930170 - SOLD

    Lockable Gas Cap with Triumph logo #A9930170. Two Keys. $75 new on Triumph site (https://shop.triumphmotorcycles.com/various/id-A9930170/Fuel_Cap_-_Lockable) Asking $40 plus shipping.
  18. Rocket3Pilot

    Pin Locks and Visors?

    Some time ago I posted an opinion about the Schubert C3Pro helmet and it's shortcomings. I've modified it several times to try to improve the ventilation (non-existent in my opinion) and the noise level. I wear trifocal lens glasses so I have never even tried the pin lock. I can't imagine adding...
  19. Nrocket

    **SOLD** Brand New pair of leather covered, waterproof Hard Saddlebags

    Hello! I have a pair of brand new (unused) leather covered Hard Saddlebags for sale. They cost me total of $425 ($399 plus $25 shipping). I am selling them local in Seattle area for $275 and if I have to ship to some other place outside Seattle area then I would like to charge whatever...