BrakeAway Throttle Lock Grip Resizing Offer

Discussion in 'General Tech Talk' started by Bedifferent, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone...You know I am a big fan of the BrakeAway Throttle Lock :rolleyes: and I have posted this at least in part on other posts. In order for the throttle lock to work best, the shoulder of the grip needs to be flat and turned down under a certain size. This is recommended by the guy who makes and sells them. I forget what the specific size is, but it needed to be less than what the shoulder is on the stock grip. Any size under the recommended size will work and that what I can do for you. I do this with a jig I made and it does a really nice job.

    I made the offer to do this for forum members (not sure if anyone caught it) with two people picking up on the comment and asking me do it for them. If I buy the grip, have it shipped to me and then ship it back to you it costs $26.03. That's $18.83 for the cost grip which includes shipping and another $7.20 to ship it back to you priority mail. Basically $26.00 sent to my PayPal account to have it done. It takes about 2 weeks for the full turn around time, most of which is just getting the grip to my house. If you have an extra grip already, you can send it to me and it will cost you the $7.20 postage for me to ship it back. You can PM me or email me at if you would like my assistance. That email is not my PayPal account!

    I make nothing on this... and it only take me about 5 minutes to do. I'm just trying to help out if you don't have the stuff to do it yourself. It's not like I'm going have a 100 of them to do. If you have... or have been contemplating the BrakeAway, it is an offer you may want to consider.

    Note: Triumph has changed the composition of the grip since I did mine. It is no longer put together with two different types of material consisting of both hard and soft rubber. It is now just one kind of harder rubber from what I can tell. There is no longer a little piece of rubber that separates and comes off the cable end of the grip when I shave it down round and smooth. It is an unimportant issue and it changes nothing, but I thought I would mention it so you wouldn't wonder what that little rubber washer type thing is in one of the pictures. :banghead::eek::confused:

    Here are some pictures I have posted before, but I'll do it again as an FYI. :);)


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