fuel cap

  1. Boog

    WTB: R3T Fuel Cap

    Brahma lost his fuel cap again, this time I did not recover it. I need one ASAP for the touring model. Anyone got one or know of where I can find one. I did order one but it takes a month to arrive. Shipping to Virginia.

    Lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring

    Hi fellow riders Can anyone please help me to provide details where I can buy a lockable fuel cap for The 2013 Rocket III Touring please? The internet has got this cap for a 2010 model but not for 2013.
  3. Roscoe

    Water in fuel cap cavity????

    Washed my bike the other day, went for a ride afterwards needed fuel, I opened the fuel cap and about 20millileters of water just poured into the tank from the edge of where the cap closes, wasn't much I could do about it so just put 98 ron in and rode away...... got home from work the other...
  4. MIG

    Monza Fuel Cap for R3T's 2012 and newer?

    For future consideration, I was looking for a Monza Fuel Cap for my '14 R3T; however, all the caps I have found are for for an '11 or older. Any leads for a screw-in install version (non-welding) that will fit my girl? -MIG
  5. m6w6

    Fuel cap lock

    Hi, did anyone ever try to replace the lock in the fuel cap Lockable Fuel Cap | A9930170 | Triumph Motorcycles with one of the locks that came with the bike? I took the cap apart but left the lock in its containment and it already looked a bit shorter than the replacement lock cylinders. Also...