fuel cap

  1. Roscoe

    Water in fuel cap cavity????

    Washed my bike the other day, went for a ride afterwards needed fuel, I opened the fuel cap and about 20millileters of water just poured into the tank from the edge of where the cap closes, wasn't much I could do about it so just put 98 ron in and rode away...... got home from work the other...
  2. Michael_G

    Monza Fuel Cap for R3T's 2012 and newer?

    For future consideration, I was looking for a Monza Fuel Cap for my '14 R3T; however, all the caps I have found are for for an '11 or older. Any leads for a screw-in install version (non-welding) that will fit my girl? -MIG
  3. m6w6

    Fuel cap lock

    Hi, did anyone ever try to replace the lock in the fuel cap Lockable Fuel Cap | A9930170 | Triumph Motorcycles with one of the locks that came with the bike? I took the cap apart but left the lock in its containment and it already looked a bit shorter than the replacement lock cylinders. Also...