1. canecorso

    Finally got my Big Beast back

    It's just a grey epoxy primer I'll ride it until winter to make sure my bigger tank doesn't leak and make sure I don't get stress cranks in the fabrication in aluminum, then in winter get it painted. I love it:)
  2. Kevin frazier

    The tire for beast Cobra

    The Cobra on some of the fastest bikes in the world, when it matters. No wonder so many rocket captains choose this tire for there rides.
  3. freshprince

    Beauty and the Beast -- the Stable!

    1978 T140 and the 2020 R3, back together! The T140 was a 100% frame-off project with my own blood sweat and tears. The 2020 R3 is all factory fresh! Note the freshly fabricated Bag Racks on the T140... just got her back. Two entirely different experiences... the '78 is purely mechanical and...
  4. Ken Attwood

    Unleashing the beast

    Hi guys from a newbie R3T owner in UK. Today i fitted a pair of TORs and a RamAir kit, and did the 12 minute tune. All seems well at the moment although the heavens opened so test ride will happen tomorrow. What's next . . . TuneEcu downloaded, cable ready. Which tune should i use on my...
  5. Bedifferent

    Lock your doors, the beast was out of its cage!

    It was 55 degrees here in Michigan today. We have had several rainy days, so the salt was off the roads. I decided to "Release The Kraken" for a little riding time. With the monster out of its box, I had a chance to try out my new Spidi Superstorm H20ut Pants from Revzilla. They really work...
  6. S

    Making a touring beast

    Hey guys. It's been a long time since my intro. My name is Brian and I hail from Ohio. Huge shout out to you all. I read a lot of posts and have solved a lot of problems thanks to the community here. I recently picked up a Harley touring pack and am fabricating custom brackets for it to use on...
  7. Boog

    Dang cold natured beast!!!

    This morning the bike gives me a face full of grief. When the temps drop below freezing as in around 27-29F, it becomes harder to start. Sometimes after several attempts at starting, it fires off but the check engine light stays on. After a few normal starts, the light goes out. (When this...
  8. Landstar

    X VTX 1800 rider.

    Been on bikes since I was 12, 61 now too many to list, and this 2015 Roadster I just bought 2 days ago with 1500 miles on it, Is a different kind of beast. I will be on here alot so hi everyone.
  9. M

    Rocket 3 Touring - Tuning awaken the beast

    Hi All I have a rocket touring 2009 which is perfect for me having owned it for a while now I'm looking to up the power. Due to past insurance issues and waking everyone I'm keeping stock pipes on, however changed the filter to the K&N under seat. I have just brought the tuneecu cable and...
  10. A

    Mini Beast horn

    new Rocket owner and shocked at squeaky horn on such a monster! Anyone ever installed a Mini Beast horn on an R3? If so where'd you mount it?
  11. Turk

    The beast is sneezing. Any ideas?

    Hi guys Any wonder if anyone knows a remedy for this issue. On cold days when I start my bike she kinda sneezes. I mean literally sounds like she is sneezing. It goes away once the bike warms up. I haven;t located where the sound is exactly coming from but kind of feel like it is a blow back...
  12. cskals

    OMG, HansO has released a BEAST.

    Wow, that tune I received from HansO is amazing Thanks a lot, I really enjoy, if possible, my R3 more than before. Only thing is, I kinda miss the pop and backfire a bit when de-accelerating, but hey, I wouldn't go back in a million years. It's ridiculous fast now, I guess I can wait with more...
  13. Beastie


    Hey, Im braden but most people know me as the beast, I finally got my leg over the Rocket and brought her home ... what an animal, totally in love. Ive just spotted she has TORS so I remapped her using TuneEcu which i used on the KTM as well, and the next step will be the Ramair and a set of...
  14. hoopla

    Getting New Legs Under the Beast

    So before doing any power mods, I wanted to get the RR undercontrol. I ordered Hagons for the rear (13inch) and Traxxion cartridges for the front all set up to my riding conditions and weights. This should go a long ways in stabilizing the bike over bumps and through the corners. Can't wait...
  15. joey fletcher

    New Beast

    Well guys I took the plunge and took the beast out to go to the store. It has been a long time since I rode on 2 wheels. I was a little nervous, excited and happy I made it back home in one piece. Yep it was the first time I had rode it out of my drive way since I bought it. It did feel good...
  16. Phil Barnett

    Love the Beast

    So I got my electrical problem resolved and took her out for a nice Southern California ride today. I just absolutely love this machine. Coming off a vtwin, the power, the comfort, the power range is just a delight to ride. I also have to say it is a pleasure to ride something that has it's own...
  17. Victor Chiappetta

    Beast Mode

    Just had to post about my experience with the Powertripp tune for the R3 Touring. If anyone is hesitating,,don't.The funny thing is that I first loaded the tune last week and on the ride home I didn't notice a big dfference.What was all the fuss about I was thinking Had the wife out for a couple...
  18. albertaduke

    princely digs for the beast

    sharing on the forum the room dedicated to the beast .all the parts, tires ,and riding clothes in one neat corner I might put my bed in there as well since I spend so much time there
  19. albertaduke

    new digs for the beast

    well!! such a monster of a bike deserve a good home so I built a double car garage just for the beast plenty of space now do not know which side to use? we will see if in a year from now it still look so empty I expect the delivery of my 2013 roadster in late october but the roof over...
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