New Rocket Owner... What the hell?? Now I have to tame the beast...


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Jul 6, 2021
2009 Triumph Rocket III Touring
Hi Everyone,
So I have been riding for 5 years and my latest ride is a 2004 Harley Davidson VRod - beautiful bike, loud and scary fast. I realized quickly I am a cruiser having never been over 5,000 rpm on a bike that red-lines at 9,000... lol. (Still not interested in knowing how fast she'll go.) Still have it and still enjoy the ride.
Enter the female companion who wants to ride with me. The VRod is not a double ride (and has a short range) so I go on-line looking for a nice double ride and alas, the 2009 Rocket III Touring shows up on my radar. Beautiful bike, love at first sight, fully loaded for passenger and all. Read the reviews and thought, yes, this is it.
Drove 5 hours to see the bike (with trailer since I wasn't leaving without it). Sat on it a couple of times and loaded her up and got her home. I unloaded it and parked it in her garage (as was the plan) since I didn't have room. I spent some time with it, checking everything over and thought it was "a little big"...
I get back to my place and look at the Harley and thought... WTF! The Harley SHRUNK! Next to this beast it now looked like a little 250! After riding the Triumph 30 minutes to my mechanic for the safety and full service, the Harley felt like a moped...
She asked me how it felt to ride? I told her "it rides as good as it looks". I also mentioned to her that it is the largest production bike every built and that she will never have anything this big between her legs... She gave me that smile and shook her head...
Intimidated?? **** right! But very proud to be an owner. We are both looking forward to cruising together.


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Nov 29, 2007
Keller, TX
2005 Rocket III
Welcome to the forum. Not to frighten you, but you have the 'detuned' Rocket version. The engine was remapped for touring style riding, which isn't the same mission statement as say the Roadster, or Classic. It's still a sweet ride and very torquey, just not the gut punch of less civilized units. Enjoy your new wheels.