1. Walking Tall

    Progressive Suspension 444 shocks and fork springs

    Has anyone on here swapped the stock shocks and fork springs for the Progressive Suspension units? Thoughts?
  2. ELBrandon

    Greetings from Ocean Springs, MS

    Hello, Just wanted to check in I picked up my first rocket yesterday. She's an 05 with 26k on the clock. I am not a newbie to triumphs though. I have a 06' scrambler, a 73' T140 and a 69' 650 bobber I've been building (on hold till i get back from Bahrain). I got the R3 from an auction so...
  3. M.J

    Progressive Springs

    Has anyone fitted Hyperpro Progressive Front Springs in the UK ,and if so what do you think,do they make that much difference to your ride?? Thanks
  4. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    EBC Clutch Plates and Springs

    Have any of you guys used or tested EBC clutch plates or clutch springs ? What is known about these products ?
  5. TURBO200R4

    progressive front springs with air ride

    i installed the progressive front springs and while i was installing them i drilled and tapped the top cap for a Schrader valve. all went well i then put 20 lbs of air in it to bring the forks to the top. when i set on the bike it compresses just a little. the forks has held the air for about a...
  6. Ishrub

    For Sale Springs anyone? Carpenter sidewinder on eBay

    Springs anyone?;):D Carpenter sidewinder on eBay 3 days to go folks! Triumph Rocket3 Carpenter Sidewinder Exhaust | eBay
  7. Mike188

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Well one of the fork seals is leaking and since the beast is due for a service I thought, might as well get Progressive Springs for the front at the same time. They arrived in record time (Thanks J&P Cycles, purchased on Tue 26/03 and arrived Mon 01/04, so less than a week USA to Oz). Question...
  8. Journeyman

    Progressive Fork Springs

    Update: manufacturing glitch. I talked with someone at Progressive and after seeing my photos, they seemed pretty sure that's what happened. ***Read on if you are replacing springs or servicing forks. I hope others will have better luck. I couldn't wait for a replacement, so I put the original...
  9. Wilber Front Fork Springs - Q on lowering standard R3

    Hello, I ordered Wilber fork springs part number 600-0404-02 for my '05 R3. The on-line description states "For lowering 20 mm incl. reduction bushings" My mechanic opened the box today to install them and says there are no bushings in the box and that the instructions aren't clear?? Has...
  10. Dean0

    Fork Oil capacity with Progressive Fork Springs

    Decided to upgrade the fork springs on my Roadster and with Progressive (the brand) What is the fork oil capacity?.. concidering the Progressive's have more coils than the standard type.
  11. CvSisinthehouse

    Stiffest Front Springs?

    Hi all, I know Progressives are stiffer than stock, but what other options are there? thanks.
  12. sleeves

    Clutch Springs

    Gday So this afternoon I drove round to @Paul Bryant place and we made use of his very useful pressure tester. Together we had. 1. Set of Barnett Clutch Springs 2. Set of MTC Clutch Springs 3. A locally made copy of the Barnett Springs by and old couple in Hawkes Bay 4. Set of OEM Springs...
  13. sonny


    Stock clutch springs shot after 38,000 miles with upgrade. Pads and steel plates were fine. Going in with barnnet pads. springs and steel plates. Not that heavily Modified just Ramair and Paul's complete 3 into one system and Hanso's tune. Life goes on.
  14. sonny

    Progressive front springs

    What is the Manufacture No. for a Rocket three Roadster. Finding all kinds of conflicts on the web sites. About to say the #ell with it and go with the Wilbors.
  15. Torque addict

    Upgrading your clutch springs?? What NOT to buy... MTC

    Do NOT waste your money on these!! Yes, MTC may make the best fibers. Yes, their $500 billet basket (installed here) is virtually indestructible but their clutch springs are actually WEAKER than stock!! How do I know this you ask? After rebuilding my clutch with all MTC parts it still...
  16. RichRIII

    Race Tech shocks, forks springs with gold valves

    i installed Race Tech heavier front springs several months ago and it was much improved but springy as they said it would be without changing the dampening. The back still was under spring, especially two up with my teenage son. I just installed the Race Tech gold valves in the forks and Race...
  17. tails

    new front springs ??

    hi i will be fitting some hyperpro springs in the roadster soon,i need to know can i change the springs/oil without taking the forks off ?? i have the use of a mates workshop so all the tools are there. thanks all.
  18. Big Gun

    Eureka Springs, AR

    Any recommendations for a good place to stay for a night around Eureka Springs, AR. Say 50 mile radius. Always like something a little out the ordinary but clean. Or just bike friendly and clean. Thanks, Jay
  19. EasTexRIII

    Front Fork Seals/Prog Springs

    I'm doing the change over to Progressive springs. So I have them apart, new 7W oil, new seals in. the manual says to put oil level at 89 mm from upper edge of fork tube, with fork fully compressed. OR, Alternatively just put in 667 cc's of fluid. In my feeble mind, since the forks were...
  20. Rodneyjd6

    Standard front springs

    Hi all i am looking for a pair of standard front springs for my r3r i find my progressive springs too stiff i want to go back to standard