1. loralex

    Lowering Rocket III Touring

    Ok so I'll keep it short (sorta) I have no idea for how many years I wanted this bike. I like the old look so a new one was out of the question (I'm sorry but it does look like a ducati) Anyway I'm not here to discuss this. I found one (used) at a dealer not too far from my place and I went to...
  2. Marcr

    Lowering Rider Footpegs

    I need your help, I'm finding the riding position on my Roadster a little cramped. I have searched the web and haven't found anything obvious. I only recently purchased the bike, and have been getting familiar with the riding position. Any ideas or a point in the right direction would be great...
  3. Wilber Front Fork Springs - Q on lowering standard R3

    Hello, I ordered Wilber fork springs part number 600-0404-02 for my '05 R3. The on-line description states "For lowering 20 mm incl. reduction bushings" My mechanic opened the box today to install them and says there are no bushings in the box and that the instructions aren't clear?? Has...
  4. Kim Turner

    Corbin gunfighter seat on 2007 Classic, lowering seat height?

    Is there any way to lower the seat height on a corbin gunfighter seat fitted to a 2007 classic without MAJOR "surgery". Love the seat but can only touch the ground now with my toes with boots on. Any ideas for the vertically challenged here? Thank you
  5. CrzystghndKC

    Tall in the saddle!

    I just bought my second R3 a 2011 and found its saddle is probably a couple inches taller than my 05 R3. So I am looking for some feedback on lowering my beautiful new to me bike.