Mar 29, 2021
Peoria, AZ
2006 Triumph Rocket III Classic
I'm actually in Peoria, but everyone in the little surrounding cities just says "I'm from Phoenix". Just got a 2006 Rocket III Classic. It was on my short list of dream bikes, the others being a Hayabusa and Boss Hoss. Had a 'busa but rode it like a squid and got my only speeding ticket, at a time I really couldn't afford one, and have been behaving myself since. I have ridden a few different types over the years and have recently been running around on a 1992 Honda VFR750. It was my brother's and had been in storage while he was in the service. Since he retired partially disabled he decided to go the Harley route and hand the bike off to me. I shook off the dust, replaced the seals, flushed the fluids, and have been having fun running around on it, but with age and an expanding belly/backside decided it is time to get something a little more cruiser style.

Enter the Rocket III. Since they have been around long enough for me to be able to afford a used one I picked up a 2006 Classic. Ram air, Viking saddle bags, short sissy bar with pad, glossy brown with red tribal ghost flames. After I get comfortable on it I may play with tuning and exhaust, but for now I have a neighbor who got an Indian and am looking forward to regular weekend rides again.
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