water pump

  1. Rocky Raccoon

    Last Water Pump in the USA ??

    I wanted to personally and publicly THANK a great dealer in the Spokane, Washington (Triumph of Spokane) who directed me to the (last remaining) OEM new water pump in the USA from an obscure dealer in Anchorage, Alaska...... I have my water pump on the way with a 4 day turnaround instead of...
  2. Rocky Raccoon

    Anyone Ever Rebuilt a Water Pump?

    It appears that Triumph has dealers on a three week wait just to ORDER a water pump for my 2008 Rocket III..... Putting me into august before I can even ride. Has Anyone EVER rebuilt successfully one of these water pumps?
  3. Rocky Raccoon

    Leaky Coolant Pump has me bummed out....

    Have not even ridden my new Rocket ONCE yet this year. Started her the other day and I notice coolant dripping from the front water pump area. Not a hose. "Gasket" is buldging out from the left side of the pump. Want to hear the funny thing? I 'found' 2 teardrop shaped o-rings under the...
  4. HELP -Water Pump Return Hose /Tube removal question

    Hi all, We are in the process of removing the engine front cover and have a question on the removal of the wayer pump chrome tube. We removed the bolt - does it just pull out or do we have to remove the nut from the other side of the engine?? It may have an O-Ring and just being stubborn but...
  5. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Water Pump Weep Hole Leak

    So my water pump has a slight drip coming out the weep hole. What is needed here to fix it ?
  6. rahoffman2

    Both water pump hoses are nearly flat!?

    Going to wash the bike and noticed that both hoses are nearly flat! Tried to remove the radiator cap to see if that would release some vacuum but couldn't get the cap off. It turns to the release position but only raises a bit and stops. I don't want to pull with too much force for fear of...
  7. HIM57

    Hot water pump

    Mananged to change my clutch lifter, oil change but on fireing up I notice the water pump getting hot after 5 mins tick over. I know I must of missed something here - are there special considerations when putting it back on? Many thanks in advance
  8. Triple13

    What is this for??? (Beneath the water pump)

    Can anyone tell me what this tube is for and what might have leaked from it??? The other day I noticed some dried up substance that seems to have come from this fitting. Also, there appears to be some kind of sealant/glue substance around the fitting that may have melted??? Has anyone...
  9. The Kiwi

    ** SOLD ** Chrome water pump casing

    Newly chromed and in essentially new condition, steel face plate and retaining screws nickel plated. Now no longer supplied by Triumph. $180AUD posted anywhere. Cheers, Mal the Kiwi.
  10. The Kiwi

    Want to Buy Chrome water pump kit

    or leads on where I might find one please, sadly to date, google has failed me this time. Cheers, Mal the Kiwi.
  11. BigNorm

    Water pump O ring size

    Hello all. Does anyone happen to know what size the water pump O ring is? The manual says to replace it when taking the pump out. (which is required to remove the clutch cover) I have reused O rings in the past but would like to have one on hand since I'd rather not have to take the pump off...
  12. cusso ken

    Slight leak from water pump

    Alas the first gremlin has shown its ugly head on my 2011 R3T, today doing a temperature check on my exhaust manifold for a fellow member ,I caught out the corner of my eye a slight drip from the water pump,it is only a bead of coolant every now and again,But from experience with many water...
  13. Jag

    Water pump drain bolt

    FYI. I recently drain, flushed, and refilled my cooling system. Had a small leak around the water pump drain bolt. I ordered a new copper washer and bolt from big T. Repair manual does not show copper washer but it's there. The new bolt came and has a larger bolt head and thus a larger flange...