cooling system

  1. Olivier Delannoy

    Steam when riding in the rain

    I just completed my first long ride (100 miles) in heavy rain for about 2 hours. I was surprised to see some steam coming out of the engine when stopped at a light. The steam disappeared as soon as I got going. This is first bike I own I see doing this. I cannot spot any coolant leak though and...
  2. gR3yWolf

    Bleeding Cooling System

    I asked this question 75,000 miles ago, but no one had an answer, so I'm asking this question again at 80,000 miles. Ever since the "Triumph Upgrade" my bike refuses to maintain any coolant in the coolant recovery tank. It never overheated, nor has it ever been run too hot. But it will...
  3. Jag

    Water pump drain bolt

    FYI. I recently drain, flushed, and refilled my cooling system. Had a small leak around the water pump drain bolt. I ordered a new copper washer and bolt from big T. Repair manual does not show copper washer but it's there. The new bolt came and has a larger bolt head and thus a larger flange...