fork oil

  1. cskals

    Fork oil change, any DIY manual out there?

    Hi all. Thinking of changing the oil in my front suspension, but the manual says it requires a lot of special tools and the forks of the bike as well. Is that really necessary? Or is there an easier way? Thanks in advance.
  2. Changing fork oil

    Rebuilt front forks on my 05 rocket III about three yrs. ago, so now I'm changing oil from forks and looking for what members recommend for oil viscosity, general riding. I had used with 5 weight previously. Thanks
  3. Jay

    Trying to ID Plastic Part on Fork Damper Rod

    I am changing the fork oil in my 2013 R3T and decided to dismantle them to inspect the fork innards. Unfortunately I broke the little black ring on the damper rod in one of the forks. I am assuming this part aids guiding the damper rod and affecting the fluid flow by the way it is shaped. I...