1. G-Force Junkie

    R3 GT Windscreen Combo

    Madstad brackets with GP Compozit windscreen. Adjusts pretty far on the fly. Up and out for touring, in and down for around town. The two extremes are shown in the pics but you can put it just about anywhere in between. Taking it out for the first drive later but feels really solid.
  2. Rocket 3 Windshields...or windscreens...or woodwinds...or whatever!!!

    Hello all... I just bought (...and by just I mean hours ago) a 2017 R3 Roadster and I'm getting TOTALY lost with regards to finding a decent windshield...I was hoping ya'll could help. The R3 I bought has no windshield/screen whatsoever. I really want something reasonably detachable so I can...
  3. maurice

    Extended Powerbronze Windscreen

    For those that have this screen for awhile, can you let me know if the larger spacers held up. One of mine split, exposing the bolt. I know I did not overtighten! Luckily company is sending me replacements. Thanks for responses.
  4. Hec4sc

    Windscreen Tint

    I wanted to tint my Triumph screen but you can’t use automotive tint. I tried Vvivid air tint which is used to tint taillights and such: It came out pretty well for my beginner attempt.
  5. Hello from CA

    Has anyone found a decent windscreen for the 2020 GT?
  6. Zutt

    Triumph GT windscreen on the R, worth it or buffeting?

    Anyone installed the OEM wind screen on their R? Did it make a significant difference or just direct the wind from body to helmet and cause buffeting? And did you think it "ruined" the naked look of the bike? I'm 5 11 or 6', depending who's asking:), and trying to figure out whether it's worth...
  7. Riotmanss

    Aftermarket Windscreen

    Has anyone seen the Puig windscreen for the R3 in the wild yet (N.A.)? I think it looks more appealing than the Powerbronze. Hoping our sponsor has them on the way?
  8. freshprince

    Windscreen R3 2020

    I went for it on a eBay seller advertising this Screen. Took about a month to ship over from eastern Europe. I like it so far. Definitely makes that difference on the Freeway when I'm running my easy pace of 80-90'ish. Good product, I personally like the look. Windscreens are all personal...
  9. jack Arzoomanian

    ,fender n Signals windscreen

    This part done,what you think?
  10. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    For Sale SOLD Triumph Windscreen with Mounting Kit and Laminar Lip

    Triumph Windscreen with mounting kit and Laminar Lip. USD $275 + Shipping. Good Condition. Clear.
  11. Adjusting a spitfire slipstream windscreen.

    New clutch cable/switch installed, new speedometer on it. (probably the last one in the US at the moment). Now for the spitfire windscreen. Does anyone have pics of theirs mounted with RIVCO risers installed. A pic would be nice. I.e brackets forward or rearward on up/down etc... Many thanks
  12. mstraub72

    Trying to help buddy find a windscreen / fixing kit for 2016 America LT

    Hey all, know this is the place for all things R3 related, but my account activation email is taking forever to arrive from TriumphRat, so here I am. Figured someone here may be of assistance! Buddy has the 2016 Triumph America LT with no windshield or fixing kit. Triumph has discontinued...
  13. Rhode Warrior

    For Sale Triumph OEM windscreen

    Hi Guys. This is the OEM windscreen off of my 2005 Rocket III. Not sure what other years or models it fits. But if you're interested, just tell me the bike you have and I'll find out. One small crack that really cant be seen, right under the chrome cross brace. Rode it like this for a year...
  14. English Tim

    Wind Deflectors Stop Cold Hands

    A big thank you to fellow R3 owner and member of this group - Bedifferent He makes and sells a really neat set of wind deflectors that fit very easily onto your touring screen. A bit of experimentation to ensure the correct mounting height will stop the windchill effect on your hands. I have...
  15. Skanska161

    For sale

    Triumph Rocket 3 Stock Air Box | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Wiring Harness | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Fuel Rail W/ Injectors | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Stock Mid Pipe (CAT) | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Genuine Windscreen | eBay Triumph Rocket 3 Touring Stock Pipes | eBay triumph rocket3...
  16. Navigator

    Windscreen Visor

    I just got a pop up and from Revzilla for this Puig Windscreen Visor. It comes in various lengths. I've seen something like this on bikes over the years and wondered if they are worthwhile. I have two screens for my Touring that came with the bike, one that I believe is the standard and...
  17. RJ Kegley

    Want to Buy Roadster windscreen.

  18. Ishrub

    For Sale Bargain Touring windscreen

    Not mine. Says Roadster but obviously Touring single headlight version Triumph Roadster Replacement Windshield A2307486 | eBay
  19. Brenner

    Want to Buy Quick release windscreen brackets

    Hello, I am in search of a set of quick release windscreen brackets for my R3T. I'm not concerned about having a complete windscreen assembly but rather just the mounting brackets as I intend to use them to mount an alternative fairing to my ride. Please feel free to let me know what price would...
  20. grnerd

    Windscreen Storage

    I just picked up a 2010 R3T this weekend. I was wondering if you all leave the windscreen on all of the time or store it until you take a trip. I took it off to ride to work today (bad idea, it's a bit chilly here in Michigan), and I don't like the idea of it just laying around in the garage...