1. Mighty Mouse

    Pretty Funny

    I saw this and thought of Boog and 1olebull bringing joy to kids at Christmas. It's that time of year for Santa to ride.
  2. Claviger

    Funny Ending

    This is one of my friends, he's a bit quicker than me, but still one of the slow guys in the group (yes that makes me the slowest in the group lol) :O Watch or skip to 1:15 for the racer salute to a faster guy sandbagging lol.
  3. Claviger

    Funny Armyism MSF BRC

    We have to do MSF courses periodically to prove our proficiency. Fine with that. I lost my basic course card, so I get to do the BRC again ahahhahaha. Looking forward to playing around on a 250 Shadow for 2 days lol. Should be a hilarious interlude to the day to day of riding the rocket.
  4. Claviger

    Gremlins, they happen to everyone.

    Went out to investigate why my throttle was getting so snatchy slightly above idle. Like when the TPS is going out, except, this is a brand new TPS! Bike only has 2,000 miles since installed and voltages were set. I found TPS at 0.56/0.68. Reset to 0.63/0.75 (I know it's slightly high, it's...
  5. Claviger

    Funny things that excite me and increased fuel pressure

    So just on a whim I was browsing through Jegs and found this, it's an amazing little device! 59.5 PSI 10 Micron Filter internally 175GPH capacity So you can either replace all the items indicated with red, or use it as a second fine filter and just replace the stock triumph regulator. Hello...
  6. sonny

    Comfort vice a smile and a funny grin.

    Sorry folks had a couple of beers tonight and been thinking about it all. Seems like a lot of folks what to be comfortable nowadays. Even while riding. They all want the comforts and do da da to make the ride easy. So sorry prefer the #hit eating grin as I come up on your rear on my Rocket X...
  7. BillyIndiana

    LA Speed Story

    This has nothing to do with motorcycles, but a lot to do with speed.