1. RazMan

    Quick survey comparing the RIII & R3 vibration

    I can't help but notice quite a bit more vibration when going gently up through the gears on my R3 GT, especially in 2nd gear close to 2000 - 2500 rpm (but fine above this). My old 2004 Classic was silky smooth right down to tickover speeds (when poodling through traffic etc) and accelerated...
  2. High frequency engine vibration

    My 2020 Rocket 3R engine has been very smooth for it's first 17,000 km. For the last 3,000 km I've been experiencing a high frequency vibration in the handle bars, foot pegs and seat. The vibration can be felt at any revs but is more noticeable from 4000 rpm. Vibration is felt when moving or...
  3. Torquex2

    Dynos and vibration.

    Having a HIGHLY unusual amount of vibration coming out of my 2020 R3r. Anyone know if a full throttle dyno test can measure it ?
  4. MikeyC

    New to R111 Ownership.. : -) Woo hoo!

    Hi All, I live in the UK and have just bought a R111 Roadster 2014 Black with White Stripes. Love the bike and have wanted one for ages. Have had it two days and done about 500 miles so far... love it. Mike
  5. Barzupopsz

    2020 R3 GT rear vibration (50 to 60 mph...ish)

    Found my issue on this forum and helped dealer zero in on troubleshooting and replace rear tire and wheel. Tire was most definetly "out of round." Just wanted to say a big thanks to these two dudes, because the mechanics and service department at my dealer were very standoffish when I was...
  6. Buzzo

    Bad vibration in the front end.

    Hi. I took my 2011 roadster in for new tyres. I was going for the Avon Chromes after liking the last set of cobras. The owner of the store didn’t recommend the Cobras but said he sells a lot of Bridgestone Exceda Max rears and Matching front. So that’s what I bought. I rode up the hwy the...
  7. John Miller

    Engine/Clutch severe vibration at WOT - NOT

    I have had this issue for several months, thinking that it was clutch basket bearings or wear that was causing a severe vibration (like out of balance or run out) but only when under severe load like WOT from 3,000 RPM upwards. I have been really concerned thinking I was going to start pulling...
  8. My vibration problem solved

    I was experiencing what appears to be a fairly common vibration from the engine at around 2400 rpm that smoothed out greatly when the clutch lever was pulled slightly. It wasn't enough to make the bike un-rideable but was annoying on long trips as the vibration from the handlebars left the hands...
  9. bobbiestunes

    R3R Vibration Problem

    Hello All, new member and new R3R owner here. Picked up my 2015 R3R with 495 miles on the clock on 5-27-17. Rode for 300 miles over the Memorial Day weekend and found this thing buzzes really hard. The problem happens when accelerating and cruising in all gears and gets worse the faster the...