For Sale R3 Touring Instrument Cluster, stock exhaust, rear shocks

Discussion in 'R3Owners.Net Classifieds' started by Comotion, Apr 12, 2018.

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    I have an instrument cluster for a 2011 R3 Touring. I bought it new trying to remedy a fuel gage that wasn't working. It seems the cluster wasn't the issue, and due to a test ride, the odometer now has 5 miles on it. I also have the stock exhaust and rear shocks for sale.

    I am located in the United States, and will only ship to the U.S. (unless someone really wants these parts and can help me ship them overseas).

    Instrument cluster: $190 + shipping

    Exhaust: make an offer, + shipping

    Shocks: make an offer, + shipping
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