1. Journeyman

    Evil Hours Racing, a non-profit race team which provides veterans an outlet within the flat track community.

  2. Mr.Mike

    New R3R owner in Utah....

    Its a 2012 with 9000 miles on it, want to keep it basic not a racer. I can tell it has aftermarket pipes on it and I will replace air system with RAMAIR.. looking for advice on simple tuning....thanks
  3. Idaho Red Rocket 3

    Going to do some Rocket Drag Racing at FireBird

    I am going drag racing today at FireBird Raceway here in Idaho. They have limited admittance to 100 folks. This should be good for getting in several extra runs today. Lets hope the rain holds off as it is threatening rain right now. Going to compete against my buddies 1200 Thruxton R he...
  4. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Carpenter Racing side badges available

    Ok so following on from my custom made 2500cc Rocket III side panel badge, @Jvheli had the idea of getting them made with Carpenter Racing logo on them. We can supply these for £20 each + shipping if anyone is interested Comes ready stick on with high quality 3M adhesive on the rear We asked...
  5. R-III-R Turbo

    Carpenter Racing Turbo Rocket

    Will it ever happen? I hope so. Looking at this pic, I'm wondering can that setup be fitted into a Rocket chassis. Yank out the stock air filter box and you might have room for the turbo on Roadster etc with the ABS box below. If battery could be relocated you'd have ample space. Intake filter...
  6. BlackSails

    Side by Side All out Dyno Racing

    The local Harley dealer sponsored a side by side dyno 1/4 mile drag race. Times & such are meaningless but it was still fun! Especially since I won my catagory (non-v-twin) and had the fastest time of everything that ran by a full 2 seconds. The prize was a cool metal trophy and a $200 gift...
  7. R-III-R Turbo

    How To: Fit Carpenter Racing 210/240/265hp Kit (Inc. Dialling In Cams)

    Following a few requests from fellow captains recently – not so much of an unofficial “how to”, as it is just a documentation of “how I did it” (took me a solid week the first time) This is in NO WAY a substitute for the expert guidance of Bob Carpenter & his boys. You need to be at least very...
  8. Joesmoe

    Installation of Neville Lush Racing "Street" cam shafts - coda

    To Whom it May Concern: I went to the tuner today, and 100 miles later, I am ecstatic. For anyone considering a performance upgrade, who would like to obtain 90% of the fun (my imagination, to be sure) for 20% of the money, I highly recommend this performance upgrade. And I understand...
  9. Joesmoe

    Installation of Neville Lush Racing "street" cams in 2014 Rocket III Touring

    This is a thread starter. I ordered the cams at the first of the year, after talking about it for the better part of three years. You will NOT hear me say this is the best -- except after all considerations, including my nearing-retirement piggy bank -- this seems to be the sweet spot for me...
  10. Landstar

    Carpenter Racing

    Carpenter Racing is about 260 miles from my home. Do they Dyno via TuneECU? With the cost of a Power Comander with AT, it seems better alternative to have a pro tune instead. And put that money toward the Tune, 2015 Roadster ABS, Tors and Ramair intake, which are being expected in the mail...
  11. Joesmoe

    Flat track racing: Shayna Texter loves a bike with a bite

    In today's WSJ: Shayna Texter
  12. Fungames43232

    Staintune crossover with TORS or Dain triple D racing pipe

    I am running a stock header, TORS and Ram Air on my roadster. I am debating whether I should install the staintune crossover or Dain's pipe which also removes that restrictive square box. Since I am keeping the stock header I am thinking one would not be better than the other. Dain is in my...
  13. BigNorm

    Big Bike racing.

    Is there anyone who races rockets on a road course? It would be fun to watch these bikes go all out in some curves.
  14. Kim Turner

    Carpenter Racing 210 or 240 engine modification? The best one?

    Would be interested to hear from anybody who has one of these modifications. Pro's and con's? Any negative issues? Thank you
  15. XIII

    New owner of 2008 R3 with Carpenter Racing Engine. looking for hitch

    I'm looking for a hitch to bolt on. had one fabricated for my 2003 Honda VTX1800 to tow my 1984 Goldwing LOL.
  16. MajorTom

    Heat wrap on Carpenter Racing Exhaust

    Started some custom work on my new (to me) 2012 Rocket Roadster. Had the full turing kit on when I bought it (Corbin Fairing, Corbin Beetle Bags), now stripped down for a sportier look. Blacked out some of the chrome bits and heat wrapped the Carpenter exhaust (much less heat on my leg now and...
  17. dougl

    Bad Racing

    I pulled up to a new F type Jag at a light. We were turning left onto a two lane road. He nailed it and I thought I would just pass him on the right and dust him. Well I nearly spun out in the turn and when I got control he was pulling away very fast. My big bad. I caught him in third after...