1. Stan

    Aftermarket badges and decals

    can someone please recommend a good aftermarket place that makes good tank badges and decals for triumph. thank you
  2. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Carpenter Racing side badges available

    Ok so following on from my custom made 2500cc Rocket III side panel badge, @Jvheli had the idea of getting them made with Carpenter Racing logo on them. We can supply these for £20 each + shipping if anyone is interested Comes ready stick on with high quality 3M adhesive on the rear We asked...
  3. Ishrub

    Old motorcycle mascots, fender badges etc.

    I have an old English Wolseley auto radiator/ hood mascot winged 'W' on my fender at the moment having a surname 'White' with a matching hubcap converted into a rear guard extension. Yes I'm weird.;):eek: I also have various hood ornaments from Aussie 50's GM Holden (including a rare leaping...
  4. Comotion

    Tank badges coming off? Any solutions?

    The tank badges are starting to pull away from the tank on my 2011 R3T. They are pulling away on the back end of the badge, closest to the seat. Any ideas out there on getting them to stick? Between this, the dead fuel gauge, and some other small issues, I'm starting to think the R3T is the...
  5. Different Tank Badges for our Rockets

    Has anyone tried to add a different style Triumph tank badge to their ride at all. I have a 2009 Rocket and the Simplistic writing IMO just doesn't do it for me. SO just wondering whether anyone has had a dabble in fitting any of the newer tank badges or any other badge for that matter that is...
  6. Alternative tank badges ?

    I haven't even taken delivery of my R3R yet but I've been keeping busy buying nice things for its arrival and deciding on what I want to change on it. One thing that struck me was the tank badges on the 2014 models. A lot of imagination wasn't put into them compared to the older badges or even...
  7. BigAl52


    what do you fellas think about having a sew-on patch with each persons forum name on it?
  8. Tank badges

    Tank badges

  9. Damd8279

    Removing tank badges ?

    Before I go destroying mine for a new paint job, has anyone removed their tank badges before ?....are they stuck on?.....will I need new ones after the paint job? Any help greatly appreciated.