carpenter racing

  1. john allenden

    Carpenter 210hp kit

    I have converted back to standard 2005 rocket 3, So I have the ported head with cams and titanium buckets and shims. Also 3 dodge viper racing pistons and rods. Bike was ridiculously fast but I'm selling it as a stock bike. Hence the kit is for sale. Everything is fine except one valve and...
  2. R-III-R Turbo

    Rocket III Carpenter Racing side badges available

    Ok so following on from my custom made 2500cc Rocket III side panel badge, @Jvheli had the idea of getting them made with Carpenter Racing logo on them. We can supply these for £20 each + shipping if anyone is interested Comes ready stick on with high quality 3M adhesive on the rear We asked...
  3. R-III-R Turbo

    Carpenter Racing Turbo Rocket

    Will it ever happen? I hope so. Looking at this pic, I'm wondering can that setup be fitted into a Rocket chassis. Yank out the stock air filter box and you might have room for the turbo on Roadster etc with the ABS box below. If battery could be relocated you'd have ample space. Intake filter...
  4. ninjadad

    New Exhaust

    Got my Carpenter Racing exhaust, k and n with PCV. Before and after sounds Cheers