1. Journeyman

    DIY Beginner Upgrades Cams & Pistons - Lives To Tell The Tale

    I just finished a Neville Lush piston and cam rebuild in ""record time"" with no prior experience. I had allowed myself a full five days during the Christmas holidays for the install. Well, now, more than three months later, I’m finally in a position to say, "job completed!" and share this story...
  2. AussieMick

    207hp with Cams and Pistons

    Well I got the bike back from Neville Lush. New Cams, Pistons and a Tune and 207 HP. Rode her back from Victor Harbor but cops everywhere so did not get a chance to give the girl a squirt. I must say that she sounds mean and feels tight/responsive. Cannot wait to get her on an open road and give...
  3. Claviger

    New Cams New Thread

    So having my cam chain break, I thought I'd consolidate my work process in the right forum section. Disclaimer: I will not be "telling all" about the Neville Special, suffice it to say it's bigger and longer:). You want one, call Neville. Here the cams I have on hand, from left to right...
  4. Mad Dog

    Cams, Pipes & Clutch upgrade

    Here are the parts, cams, tensioner, pipes, MTC clutch fibers, Carpenter springs on the way, detent spring, gaskets, crankcase evac. nipple & back check, hoses. What is missing?
  5. sonny

    aftermarket cams.

    OK it is my understanding that you need a power commander hooked up if you plan on running the aftermarket cams from the man in the tin shed. This way you can get the **** thing dyno with out any issues. Correct so far or are we all Fuc3ed up? Other question is do you leave the power commander...
  6. sonny

    It is a go on the Cams.

    Have a valve job due now. Been kicking the idea around and figure we might as well. Have no idea of the cost but plan on getting in contact with the man in the tin shed New Years day. With the amount of overtime i have been working money ain't a problem. Yesterday and the next three days are all...
  7. sonny

    New Cams.

    Thought about it all week. Have a valve check coming up soon with then 2,000 miles. After a little thought and homework guess am ready to give it shot. Later in the morning plan on a Pm or a phone call and place my order. A extra few pony's can't hurt. Figure after checking it out ain't going to...
  8. sonny

    Modified cams.

    Big question. About to do some required maintenance on bike. Valve check and adjustment. Thinking about switching out cams. My question is will this improve low end and mid range torque and power? Or if it will just add more at the top end? Not that interested in top end performance but would...
  9. R-III-R Turbo

    How To: Fit Carpenter Racing 210/240/265hp Kit (Inc. Dialling In Cams)

    Following a few requests from fellow captains recently – not so much of an unofficial “how to”, as it is just a documentation of “how I did it” (took me a solid week the first time) This is in NO WAY a substitute for the expert guidance of Bob Carpenter & his boys. You need to be at least very...