1. Ice

    Under Seat Storage Compartment

    What tools do you carry in that small storage space under the seat for roadside repairs? What size wrenches are needed on the R3? I’m starting with a flat blade screwdriver, small metric hex set, 8mm wrench, tire pressure gage, spare 2032 fob battery, and an Apple AirTag. Note: The key FOB...
  2. Ishrub

    36 piece Electric plug connector tools - cheap

    36PCS Car Terminal Removal Tool Wire Plug Connector Extractor Puller Release Pin | eBay
  3. Stillserving

    Homemade tools

    I HATE when I'm in the middle of a job and either don't have/break/can't find a tool I need. (10mm socket anyone). Anyway I love the satisfaction of making something custom to do the job! Front axle socket:
  4. Claviger

    Improvisation and New Tools yay

    So after a series of wtf moments and a lot of head scratching I spoke with Nels regarding a “dripping” sound from between cylinders 1 and 2 when shutting down the bike when it’s at operating temp. He conveyed his experience with rockets and having air bubbles stuck in the head in the past. He...
  5. ChrisACT

    Tuning Tools

    I've been looking at alternatives to Dyno tuning. I realise getting my bike to a quality Dyno with people who know what they're doing is the best way to get the tune spot on but I'm not aware of any good ones in Canberra, let alone any who can/will tune a bike without a PCV. I'd love to go...
  6. Longrider

    Does anyone make their own tools?

    does anyone make their own tools by Longrider posted Aug 13, 2017 at 2:49 PM;)As toolmaker I'm a pretty good nurse, but I'm a bit happy with these. The fork spring compressor is a collar from a Hills Hoist (Aussie clothes line) and I made the ISCV tool because I got sick of getting my hands up...