1. Moff2300


    Hi, new to this site and hoping to find some guidance. I own a 2013 rocket 3 roadster. My dad bought it new and I have since bought it from him 2 years ago. The bike has been flawless, never had a issue. Its just hit 21K When shifting from 4th to 5th it would sometimes miss. It felt like it...
  2. Bull

    New R3 has helical cut gears (with pics)

    A good friend of mine is getting trained on servicing the new R3 engine and sent me these shots of the engines gear pack. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the tranny issues.
  3. MIG

    Unknown pothole in the shadows caused my HD to drop between the gears...

    The strangest thing (at least to me) happened this morning. I'm cruising to work on my HD V-Rod; taking my normal route at 0530 in the morning darkness... which for traffic here is sometimes very lane specific... when I actually had to change lanes to go around a left-turning truck and go under...
  4. RacerX74

    2016 R3 not restrication in lower gears

    Saw this on a add for a 2016 Roadster 2016 Truimph Rocket 3 One of the last of these classics avaible These very late models had all engine restrictions removed on the first 3 gears unlike the earlier models which were limited in the first 3 gears Is this true ?
  5. Turk

    Got a spare set of APE Adjustable Cam Gears/Sprockets

    Hi fellow rocket blasters. By mistake ordered 2 pairs of APE Adjustable Cam Gears/Sprockets... Double click curse... APE - World's Fastest Motorcycle Racing Components Anyways I am happy to sell them for the same price I got 'em (69.95USD + Postage to your address) Their website doesn't...
  6. Mike Rocket

    Undercut Gears

    I hope I am not being too out of it, but can someone explain what they do when they undercut gears ?
  7. cskals

    Gears won't shift.

    Hi guys. Got a Classic 2005 with 42000 miles on it. I've run into a problem with my gears. Sometimes it doesn't switch gear when I try to. It just stays in the same gear, kinda annoying to say the least. Anybody knows what can cause this? Thanks in advance.
  8. Bull

    Oil change after new clutch and gears?

    Hi all. Do you think it's necessary to do an oil change after a new clutch and gears? I.e. put a few 100 miles on it or let it go the full service interval? Thanks again.
  9. TheRedBaron


    My 2015 Rocket Roadster X, just over 10,000 miles and the gearbox is er...has stopped working. It all happened in one day, having travelled about 30 miles. Closing the throttle in 2nd, whilst approaching traffic lights and roundabouts, caused a rattling noise from the LH side of the gearbox...