1. Hello from Oklahoma r3owners

    Thank you for the welcome. I recently bought a 2007 R3 Classic after riding HD's for 10 years. Working through the typical used bike issues and hoping the experience of the group will expedite the process.
  2. Hellow R3Owners

    New to the Rocket and Triumph world. I have just been riding for about 1.5 years. My Ducati Monster was my first bike. I wanted something a little more aggressive to do some track days so I traded that in and go the S1kr. Really enjoy how technical the bike is, but started missing the enjoyment...
  3. MacGyver

    Your special rego plate - album in r3owners media

    Hi all I picked up a special rego plate - ROCK3T3 and thought there are loads of them out there in different states and countries. Created an album for you to share your plate cryptic or otherwise. By the way there are some tidy back ends in this album of Rocket ****. Access to Everyone to...
  4. GaryB

    New to R3Owners not to Rocket III

    Been riding my 2005 RIII since 2009 and have visited this forum but never signed up. Figured it was time to do so. I am an Electronics Engineer dealing mostly with BLDC motors at a small company. I have 2 dogs and a wife who are all equally glad to see me come home. Came to motorcycle riding...
  5. Thunderbloke54

    New to R3Owners...

    Waited a long time to get my Rocket - it was worth it!
  6. webmaster

    R3Owners Market Classifieds Information and Rates

    R3Owners Market Classifieds provides a means for those who prefer to post a commercial listing regarding product or service, instead of utilizing traditional advertising. Utilize the R3Owners.Net Classifieds to sell/buy personal-use items. Any R3Owners Member is allowed to create a post in the...
  7. Rocket Scientist

    R3Owners does it again !

    This problem started last year. The last day I rode it I went and filled the gas tank for condensation reasons. On the way home I noticed it would hesitate briefly if I got on it hard. Figured maybe I got some crappy gas I didn't think to much more about it. Start riding it this year...
  8. I am new at R3owners community

    Hi everybody!! I am happy to be here posting my first conversation and I am sure that it will be helpful and nice to chat with all you.:laugh: I have not posted any photos, because I am still getting myself familiar with the site.:( I live in México City and I started this year to ride a...
  9. granny davis

    Hello R3owners

    :cool:Hi from victoria australia ihave been riding since the mid 70s had various bike's now own a kawasaki vulcan classic and my latest buy 08 rocket tourer. I drive truck's for a living also i,am a member of the triumph owners mcc australia like to go camping with the family when i can
  10. tqbrown

    new 2 R3owners and a new R3T

    new to this website new to this technology,( whats a thread anyway? When I was a much younger man I would thread the needle on my surf board, but anyway thats another story ) Now I'm an old man on a new 2012 rocket iii tourer classic with 4000 miles on it that I've put on it in about 2 mos. I...
  11. new to r3owners

    hi everyone,new here,my question is Im thinking of getting o rocket iii touring.i see alot of guys selling them after having them for such a short time,is there something wrong with the touring i dont know about.i had a 05 iii i used to drag race,but have been out of bikes for a while and want...
  12. ro6ert

    R3Owners merchandise - Partners?

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  13. New to R3owners

    Joined today, looked like a very informative group, lots of information. I have had my 2005 Rocket III for almost 2 years now and put almost 18,000 on it. Great ride, except my ingintion switch is starting to go out. I'm from Tampa, Florida and I'm the President of Sons of Sinners riders...
  14. webmaster

    Announcement: GPMAZ Joins R3Owners.Net Moderator Team

    It's no secret to anyone on R3Owners.Net that this site is continuing to grow both in community size and diversity. While we are very much low-maintenance, it becomes necessary to match that growth with additional leaders who bring both common and new ideas. GPMAZ has been a contributor to this...
  15. xhdskip

    Christmas Video for r3owners.net

    from my family to all my friends on .net Merry Christmas and blessings to each of you and your familys. View My Video
  16. new to R3Owners

    Hey Guys, I'm new to R3Owners, in fact i am kind of new to this forum, posting thing. I live in Northeastern Oregon, and ride a black R3 Touring. The more I ride the bike the more I love it. With this bike the saying is true, "It's about the journey not the destination". I look forward to...
  17. webmaster

    R3Owners is back

    Last night, after working on an upgrade in the Photo Album, the server's hardrive experienced a failure and shutdown all services. After a couple hours, the drive was working again but things were "too far gone" to rely on it. So my team spent the rest of the night replacing the drive and...
  18. webmaster

    R3Owners.Net Moved to New Server

    The new server affords some improvements and benefits that were too risky to implement on the now-previous infrastructure. While the basic site structure and configuration hasn't changed, this move does utilize several fundamentally improved server operating system components, each with...
  19. webmaster

    R3Owners.Net Upgrade

    Here it comes, I used you all for my personal techno-geek amusement again :p Nah, it's just another website upgrade :D R3Owners.Net was upgraded to resolve several interface issues, and I took the opportunity to apply some lessons learned from my other sites: There was a page-lag problem in...
  20. New to R3owners

    HelloI am Paul from Mesa Arizona. I bought my 2006 R111 Classic end May 2006 and I have enjoyed the experience of owning a truly great bike. I have logged 14,000 miles mostly within the state of Arizona. I am a former US Marine, and I am 68 years old and lead an active, and very enjoyable life...