1. webmaster

    R3Owners.Net Upgraded

    My apologies for the abrupt take-down of R3Owners.Net today. Other activities had gotten in the way of making actual plans, but an opportunity presented itself earlier this morning. The site doesn't look significantly different, but the upgrades done today represent hundreds of changes. Some...
  2. webmaster

    Upgrades on R3Owners.Net

    As many of you know, R3Owners.Net has been a testing platform for me to provide answers to technical issues and indulge some techno-geek things I wanted to try. Low-Level OS - didn't yield much results, other than what I did here didn't result in a meltdown. Getting a site to utilize...
  3. T

    Welcome to R3Owners.Net!!!

    WELCOME!!!! This is a project that some of us had talked about last summer, an adult or alternative style Rocket III forum. The project was shelved when other events transpired last August. We decided to go ahead with it at this time for several different reasons. One reason is to keep pace...
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