Staff member
Feb 24, 2006
Fayetteville, AR
My apologies for the abrupt take-down of R3Owners.Net today. Other activities had gotten in the way of making actual plans, but an opportunity presented itself earlier this morning.

The site doesn't look significantly different, but the upgrades done today represent hundreds of changes. Some very small, others extremely critical. Other than resolving issues, today's effort allows me to implement some additional toys on this site :cool:

A recommended step is to clear your browser's temporary files and cache. While viewing the site, press your keyboard F5 key just once to ensure that the new styles are loaded.

The home page did go through several cosmetic changes, and there are still some minor touch-up action items to do before testing anything new.

Thanks for your patience.
So far so good... except for the home page things look normal.

Maybe they won't issue a new upgrade for a couple of weeks and give you a rest :D...