Standard Bore
Jun 6, 2007
HelloI am Paul from Mesa Arizona. I bought my 2006 R111 Classic end May 2006 and I have enjoyed the experience of owning a truly great bike. I have logged 14,000 miles mostly within the state of Arizona. I am a former US Marine, and I am 68 years old and lead an active, and very enjoyable life. Arizona has great roads and lots of beautiful places to visit. It is a little warm in the Valley so I get up to the mountains often. I had a Honda Valk 1999 prior to my R111. It was a good bike but I am much more satisfied on my Rocket.:bch:
Hoo Rah

Paul.....Happy you joined us and even happier you're riding the R3. In addition, I'm glad there's another one older than me on this site. When people ask why I ride at 62 I tell them that no matter what the physical ailments are, as soon as I mount the beast...... I'm 18 again and can go just as fast as the youngsters.

I think there's several others from Arizona. Maybe you could start a regional group like we did in Kansas City. It's always more fun with several Captains riding together.
Welcome Paul!!

I'm glad you found us. You must have some beautiful scenery down there... post some pics if you get a chance!!

Welcome Paul,
Remember, you are only as old as a Rocket makes you feel. Put your two cents in whenever you can and you will enjoy this group. I am not sure, but I think the Social Security Administration has a satellite watching us. This many old farts in one gathering draws their attention.
Welcome Paul. I'm very new to the board, but wanted to say hi and welcome. About 3 months ago, I had a 73 years-young gentleman pass my Motorcycle Basic Rider Course;) Ride on!!!!

Welcome and enjoy your Rocket. It does the heart good to see people more "mature" than myself out on the road. It gives me hope for the future, because I sometimes wonder just how long will I be able to ride. Get'r done!:bch: