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Feb 24, 2006
Fayetteville, AR
As many of you know, R3Owners.Net has been a testing platform for me to provide answers to technical issues and indulge some techno-geek things I wanted to try.
  • Low-Level OS - didn't yield much results, other than what I did here didn't result in a meltdown. Getting a site to utilize commonly-unused resources on a server can cause premature hardware failure and/or an expotential increase in queued resources. I almost burned one server three years ago doing a similar config - but not this time :)
  • Photo Albums - Before R3Owners.Net was publicly announced, I was doing tests here on various ways to migrate image data as well as trying some integration techniques. The experience was profound, causing me to wipe the original site and start over after a catastrophic event. What you see today is a completely new approach that may become the basis for what I use going forward.
  • Search Engine - Optimization Results were beyond my expectations. There is no other dedicated Triumph Rocket III site on the planet rated higher than R3Owners.Net (which is also because of your contributions). While techniques here are well beyond what any site is doing, including TriumphRat.Net, there were still some frustrating problems. I know what needs to be done to resolve this, so it's another "live and learn" situation.
  • Navigation - This site is easy to use, but the future revision will include something better that goes more along with what I've done in the past.
  • Moderator/Admin Functions - Many of the newer forums already have it, but I still wanted to try some things in this area. The end result is a situation where we have more features than is used; probably overkill.
  • Custom Groups - Are supported here with lots of features, but no one ever used it. For a smaller site, it is reasonable that groups wouldn't be used often because the community feel already exists. I've learned that a better test is on a larger site.
  • Reviews/Web Links - Are listed here, but I never installed the module for them.
  • International Forums - We had them here, and they did get used, but it seems the majority were English-Speaking anyway and using the other forums; so we removed them. R3Owners.Net still has support for several languages.
  • Look / Logo - R3Owners.Net is a cool-looking site, but there are some things I think can be done better.
In order to facilitate some of the improvements, I'm going to move R3Owners.Net to a new server infrastructure. At the same time, the forum is going to go through a significant upgrade. No data or photos will be lost, and the forum layout won't change, but it will result in some downtime. The site's new home will be on a multi-cpu 64-bit infrastructure with a higher-class database server.

While the experience has been invaluable to me, I also wanted to thank you for your patience and contributions. All of the cool-geeky-techno things being done here are great, but you are the reason why R3Owners.Net is still here and moving up.

More To Come - Be Safe :cool:
Not to many people in my area with the beast, in fact i,ve only seen one guy that I got a chance to talk too. and we were burning each other out with questions. This site is like an extended family... Again great job...
Yes!!! It's true!!! R3Owners.Net is being recognized by several internet observers (Things like Alexa and the search engines rankings) and because of our content (supplied by you) we rank above all other R3 sites. Advertisers are starting to seek us out and we are re investing in the site.

We will start out with an upgrade and may have a few new features and even some new forums and fun activities at startup. Our moderator staff will grow and some will take on added responsibilty.As you have noticed, our mods do almost no policing of the site, they like to be more like public servents... group leaders so to speak, who are very active in their areas. They do a great job, and I thank them for that. And I thank all of you who contribute, we are trying to make it even more fun around here!!!

The great strength of this site is that we have talented people who love Triumph Rocket III's and we can do it all in house. Hopefully after a bit you will have some shiny new things to play with:D

Best Regards,

This is a great site, especially for a neophyte like me. I used to spend quite a bit of free time on the Delphi New Bonneville site as I have a T100 to (see signature picture) but the NB site is a site that has a definite clique and it's hard to get a concrete answer to a question without some kind of rhetoric being introduced. That's frustrating. I find that this site is all down to earth questions and answers with very good natured humor intertwined. That's refreshing. It's also nice that this is a free site. Delphi is free for a limited membership, ie: no posting of pictures and pop-ups every time you log on. To eliminate the pop-ups and post pictures you have to pay a fee.

One of the great things about internet forums such as this one is that it allows a common person such as myself to be an informed person. An informed person can then make wise choices based on that information. In the dark ages before the internet and informational forums such as this, purchases were a "shot in the dark" so to speak

Again, this site is very different from what I have experienced in the past just like my R3 Classic. A Triumph, but very different from my other Triumph. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing me to become part of this community.:)

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I can't say enough about the site, the Administrator, the Moderators and all the R3 members who are constantly providing techno data, information, comic relief and an overall feeling of family.

Hope this isn't sounding too "gooey".........it's just great to have people sharing part of their life with others. Getting to know individuals from around the world with a common link and yet each brings their own personality to the table. It's like a big family reunion that never stops.
This site made such an impression on Pianoman he's repeating himself for emphasis.:D

It's all been said before so I'll just ditto the comments made. I've been and am a member of other forums but this is the one I feel the best coming back to. Great job webmaster, administrators, and patrons.
Well said by all on a great place to visit,learn and make friends.My thanks to those resposible.Can I say I hold everyone responsibe for keeping me broke buying all these suggested goodies for my beast?Your response is not necessary as I have heard it all before.Thank you.
Rocket Floor Board - Mod?

Anyone know if there is a kit that would move the Floor boards back some on the Rocket 3 Classic? I think Raask makes one for the regular pegs.
Great riding bike, but might be nice to have the floor boards back some.